[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc positions at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Labs.

Takayuki Kanda kanda at atr.jp
Wed Apr 29 19:56:19 PDT 2009

The ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Laboratory is recruiting
outstanding young (post-doctoral) researchers.  Our laboratory is unique
in the world in its strong focus on conducting human-robot interaction 
field trials in real-world environments, and we have deployed robots to
interact with people in locations such as elementary schools, science 
museums, train stations, and shopping malls.

We are seeking applications from researchers with special interest in 
social human-robot interaction, elderly care applications, and related 
topics.  Candidates with specific expertise in the following domains are 
particularly welcome:

- Social human-robot interaction
- Assistive (health & elderly care) robotics
- Teleoperation interfaces (e.g. situation awareness, adjustable autonomy)
- Machine perception of human activity (e.g. gestures, emotions, nonverbal
- Modeling human motion and behavior
- Robot motion control for gesture and communication
- Navigation, SLAM, and object tracking
- Ambient intelligence, network robot systems, and ubiquitous robotics

Our laboratory conducts a variety of social robotics research projects, and
within these projects, researchers in our team will have some flexibility 
in terms of their own research focus.

The expected duration of these projects is 4 to 5 years; the initial term 
for employment is one year, and contracts will be extended until the end
of each project based on evaluations each year. Further employment as a 
researcher will be considered based on evaluation during the project.

ATR is located in the Keihanna Science City research park in Kyoto, Japan.
We are conveniently located a short train ride from the rich historical
of Kyoto and Nara, as well as the modern urban center of Osaka.

We'd like to talk informally with applicants during the ICRA '09 conference
in order to determine compatibility of interests.
Please feel free to ask me (kanda at atr.jp) about details, and feel free to
with Dr. Hagita, Prof. Ishiguro, and me during the ICRA '09 conference. For 
candidates who cannot participate in the conference, please feel free to 
send us your CV.

Dr. Takayuki Kanda
ATR Intelligent robotics and communication labs.
2-2-2 Hikaridai Seikacho Sorakugun 619-0288 Kyoto Japan
E-mail address: kanda at atr.jp

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