[robotics-worldwide] [CFP] ICRA Workshop on Open Source Software in Robotics

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Thu Apr 30 02:47:57 PDT 2009

Call for Participations

ICRA 2009 Workshop on Open Source Software in Robotics

1. Organizers

1. Dr. Hirohisa Hirukawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial  
Science and Technology,  Japan.

2. Prof. Dr. Alois Knoll, Technische Universität München,  Germany.

2. Abstract – Open source software in robotics is an important  
platform on which future complex robotic systems, e.g., humanoid  
robots with many degrees of freedom or mobile manipulators, can be  
built with less effort than previously possible. This workshop will  
(i) present a synopsis of the open source software in robotics that  
has been distributed in the robotics community in recent years and  
(ii) will explore potential ways to build a common/standard software  
platform. The scope of this open source software may range from  
middleware to applications, including programming environments,  
dynamics simulators, navigation modules, and motion planners. The  
workshop will start with an overview of the actual state of affairs in  
open software for robots, including the statistics of the  
distributions, will continue to discuss individual new approaches and  
will conclude by discussing the (potential) interoperability between  

3. Motivation and objectives – Open source software has played a  
major role in computer science, but its role has been much less  
significant in robotics.  As a result, robotic scientists have had to  
build software from scratch when they developed robotic systems, which  
is extremely inefficient and wasted developers’ time and effort. With  
hindsight, it has slowed down the  development in the field  
considerably. The reason for this is that researchers need to change  
not only parameters, but the whole behaviour and structure of robot  
control programs frequently during the development – which is only  
possible if they have open access to virtually all layers of the  
software they are using. Fortunately for roboticists, several new  
kinds of open source software have been distributed recently, albeit  
with limited resonance in the community up to now. The objective of  
the workshop is ,hence, to make these developments known to a broader  
public, show the power of available open source software including  
middleware and programming environments, and to discuss the  
possibilities of unifying what is already available – to eventually  
create a common software platform for robotics.

4. Program

Session I        Software Platform I

9:00- 9:25  Robotics Technology Framework, Alois Knoll (TU Münichen)

9:25- 9:50  ROS: an open-source robot operating system, Morgan Quigley  
(Stanford Univ)

9:50-10:15   OpenRT Platform: An Open software Platform  for Robotics  
Technology, Isao Hara (AIST)

<Coffee Break>

Session II       Software Platform II

10:45-11:10   Open Source Hardware and Software for Robotics, Giorgio  
Metta(IIT, Italy)

11:10-11:25   Development of an Open Software Platform for Robotics  
Service in Korea, Hong Seong Park (Kangwon National Univ.)

11:35-12:00    Can open source ever make an impact in robotics? ,  
Herman Bruyninchx (Univ. of Leuven, Belgium)

<Lunch Time>

Session III       Applications

13:20-13:45    Use of OpenCV in robotics, Gary Bradski (Willow Garage)

13:45-14:10    The Open Source Controller in COMAU Robotics, Gian  
Paolo Gerio(Comau) & Stefano Chiaverini(Univ. of Casino)

14:10-14:35    An Object-Oriented Programming System for Motion  
Planning, Lydia Kavraki (Rice Univ.)

14:35-15:00    Building Software for Consumer Robotics – One  
Component at a Time, Mario Munich (Evolution Robotics)

<Coffee Break>

Session IV        Future Perspective

15:30-17:00    Panel Discussion

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