[robotics-worldwide] Post-doctoral position in Computer/Robot Vision, Linköping University, Sweden

Per-Erik Forssén perfo at cs.ubc.ca
Sun Feb 1 02:31:35 PST 2009

Post-doctoral position in Computer/Robot Vision
Linköping University, Sweden

STARTING DATE : Immediately

DURATION : 12 months (optional prolongation to 24 months)

SALARY (gross income) : 30.000 SEK (about 3000 Euros) /month. Taxation
about 32%, health care included, low housing costs in Linköping

SCIENTIFIC CONTEXT : This post-doctoral position is offered in context
of the DIPLECS (Dynamic Interactive Perception-action LEarning in
Cognitive Systems) project, http://www.diplecs.eu. The DIPLECS project
is an FP7 EU project focusing on basic research in the area of
cognitive system design and computer vision. A summary of the first
results is available at http://www.cvl.isy.liu.se/Information/Job/summary.pdf
. The particular focus for this position is on obstacle avoidance
using structure-from-motion on a small robotic vehicle (an E-MAXX 3905
with a high-end laptop, a fire-wire camera, and an XSens IMU). The
researcher is expected to be both practical and scientifically minded,
and willing to publish results at conferences and in journals.
Creative contributions and modifications to the problem formulation
are highly encouraged.

ENVIRONMENT : The Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) has a long history
in the area of Signal Processing for Computer Vision, Cognitive
Vision, and Robotics. For instance, both the double-angle
representation of orientation and the structure tensor originate here.
The CVL team has a broad range of competences, e.g. in feature
extraction, object recognition, motion estimation, stereo, tracking,
robot control, and machine learning. CVL has coordinated the recently
successfully completed EU FP6 project COSPAL, http://www.cospal.org,
and currently coordinates the EU FP7 project DIPLECS. The relatively
small team of researchers at CVL has a tradition of tight cooperation,
with a particularly open climate for discussions, mutual support, and
exchange of code and expertise.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS : Experience with one or more of: projective
machine learning, and control theory. Experience of programming (C++
and Matlab).

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: 5 years higher education (university's degree or
engineering equivalence). A Ph.D. in the field of computer vision,
preferably image sequence processing or analysis.

including a list of publications, a statement of research interests,
and names and contact information of 2 referees electronically to
Michael Felsberg: mfe at isy.liu.se, http://www.cvl.isy.liu.se/~mfe/,
until February 13, 2009.

Professor Michael Felsberg             Tel:   +46 13 282460
Computer Vision Laboratory             Fax:   +46 13 138526
Linköping University                   email: mfe at isy.liu.se
SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden            http://www.cvl.isy.liu.se/~mfe/
Per-Erik Forssén         | Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept of Computer Science | http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~perfo/
Suite 201                | mailto:perfo at cs.ubc.ca
2366 Main Mall           | lab phone: +1 (604) 827 3987
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4    | skype: per-erik_forssen

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