[robotics-worldwide] IJCAI 2009 Robotics Exhibition and Workshop

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins cjenkins at cs.brown.edu
Wed Feb 4 15:58:44 PST 2009

We are pleased to announce

The 2009 IJCAI Robotics Exhibition and Workshop featuring:

    Workshop: Building on Academic Robotics
    Mobile Manipulation Challenge
    Learning from Demonstration Challenge
    Multi-Robot Teaming Challenge
    Student Robotics Challenge
    The Robot Exhibition

Held in conjunction with IJCAI 2009, The International Joint
Conference on Artificial Intelligence

July 13-16, 2009
Pasadena, CA, USA

and AAAI 2010 Robot Challenge Planning Event @ Willow Garage


The Eighteenth Edition of Robotics Program at AAAI and IJCAI will
feature the long-standing Robotics Exhibitions as well as
demonstration of challenges in emerging areas of robotics research.
The Robotics Program has a long tradition of demonstrating innovating
research in robotics at the intersection with artificial intelligence.
  This year, the IJCAI-09 Robotics Program will feature an open
robotics exhibition, demonstrations for robotics challenge problems,
and a workshop to present current results and discuss future

Moving forward, the theme for IJCAI-09 Robotics is "New Challenges for
Robotics".  This theme aims to cultivate challenge experiments to
advance specific problems in robotics research and education.  Each
challenge is intended to be an experiment designed to motivate and
evaluate an individual function of artificial intelligence for
robotics, similar to the Semantic Robot Vision Challenge at AAAI-07.
These challenges are meant to identify problems of interest as well as
promote common metrics and experiments that are reproducible by
individual researchers.

This year, we invite participants to demonstrate projects related to
the following challenges:

* Mobile Manipulation: in the form of fetching various household objects

* Learning from Demonstration: teaching robots policies through human 

* Multi-Robot Teaming: such as for wireless coverage and other scenarios

* Student Robotics Challenge: to motivate educational participation
and curriculum

These demonstrations will serve as a foundation for more refined and
commonly pursued challenges for 2010, as well as other emerging

More details can be found at the IJCAI 2009 Robotics website:



*** 2010 Planning Event @ Willow Garage ***

In preparation for AAAI 2010 Robotics Challenges, a special planning
event will be collocated with the AAAI-09 Spring Symposia to propose
and discuss potential challenge problems.  This event will hosted by
Willow Garage during the afternoon of March 25, 2009 and open to all
participants of the Spring Symposia.  More details for the agenda and
logistics of this event are to come soon and will be posted here.

If you plan to attend this event, please RSVP by sending an email to
Monica Anderson (anderson at cs.ua.edu).

Challenges for AAAI 2010 will be announced during the IJCAI-09 Robotics 


Call for Participation

IJCAI-09 Robotics Exhibition

The Robotics Exhibition is open to demonstrations in all areas of
robotics research, education, and commercial development.
Demonstrations are preferred to be live demonstrations of robots in
action, but can also be combined video and poster presentations of
interesting robotics projects.

Those interested in exhibiting should prepare a 1-2 page proposal 

(1) the names and affiliation of the exhibitors;
(2) a summary of the objectives and methods of the underlying research;
(3) description or visual of what the exhibit (or video) will show.

The proposal must be emailed to Monica Anderson (anderson at cs.ua.edu) by 
March 30, 2009 as a PDF document.

IJCAI-09 Robotics Challenges

Participation in the Robotics Challenges will be handled by the
organizers of the individual challenges.  Please refer to the websites
for the individual challenges or consult the corresponding organizers.

IJCAI-09 Robotics Workshop

All participants accepted for the Robotics Exhibition and Challenges
are invited to participate in the IJCAI-09 Robotics Workshop.
Proposals for participation in the workshop alone will not be


Important Dates (tentative)

    11/04/08    Call for Participation Announced
    03/25/09    Special AAAI-10 planning event at AAAI-09 SSS
    03/30/09    1-page Exhibition Proposal Due
    04/05/09    Notification of Acceptance
    05/01/09    2-page Abstract for Proceedings due
    07/13/09    IJCAI 2009 Robotics Workshop
    07/14/09    IJCAI 2009 Robotics Challenges and Exhibition begins
    07/16/09    IJCAI 2009 Robotics Challenges and Exhibition ends


Organizing Committee

Event Co-Chairs:

  Chad Jenkins (Brown University)
  Monica Anderson (University of Alabama)

Learning from Demonstration Chair:

  Andrea Thomaz (Georgia Tech)

Mobile Manipulation Co-Chairs:

  Radu Bogdan Rusu (TU Munich)
  Matei Ciocarlie (Columbia University)

Multi-Robot Teaming Co-Chairs:

  Radhika Nagpal (Harvard University)
  Chih-Han Yu (Harvard University)
  Justin Werfel (NECSI/Harvard Medical School)

Student Robotics Challenge Co-Chairs:

  Zach Dodds (Harvey Mudd College)
  Deb Burhans (Canisius College)

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