[robotics-worldwide] robotic micro-assembly and self-assembly Workshop - March 12th 09 - Brussels - Belgium

Michaël Gauthier michael.gauthier at femto-st.fr
Fri Feb 6 07:11:36 PST 2009

Dear all,

A scientific workshop will be held in Belgium in March on '*the assembly 
of microcomponents with a hybrid strategy using robotic handling and 
self-assembly' *: the goal is to present hybrid solutions where the 
coarse positioning is done with robotic tools and the fine positioning 
with self-assembly. 8 talks is proposed on the following topics:
- applications of precision pick and place or assembly
- physical principles suitable for self-assembly (capillary forces, 
hydrophillic forces)
- modelling and simulation of these physical effects (surface science, 
adhesion, capillary forces, mechanical deformation,...)
- experimental tools and results.

More information available on 

This workshop will also give the * opportunity to discuss forward the 
preparation of European FP7 projects*.

Best regards,

Michaël Gauthier.

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