[robotics-worldwide] IJCAI 2009 Robotics: Multi-Robot Teaming Challenge

Radhika Nagpal rad at eecs.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 4 12:30:34 PST 2009


IJCAI 2009: Robotics Exhibition and Workshops
Pasadena, CA, July 13-16, 2009.


Call For Participation


The Eighteenth Edition of Robotics Program at AAAI and IJCAI will
feature the long-standing Robotics Exhibitions as well as
demonstration of challenges in emerging areas of robotics research.
The Robotics Program has a long tradition of demonstrating innovating
research in robotics at the intersection with artificial intelligence.
This year, the IJCAI-09 Robotics Program will feature an open robotics
exhibition, demonstrations for robotics challenge problems, and a
workshop to present current results and discuss future directions.

The Multi-Robot Teaming Challenge is a multi-year challenge aimed at
advancing science and applications of multi-robot teams.

Cooperation is exploited throughout nature, from humans to insects, to
allow individuals of a given capability to achieve tasks of higher
complexity and exploit parallelism and robustness. As single robots
become more capable, so should our ability to program multi-robot
teams to achieve tasks of greater complexity.

In this first year of the challenge, we aim to bring together an
exhibition of research groups to demonstrate the range of tasks where
multiple robots can coordinate to achieve tasks that are beyond the
ability of single robots. Example tasks include forming ad-hoc
wireless networks between distant objects of interest, coordinated
search and discovery, collective transport of larger objects, or even
collective construction. Our long-term goal is to define a series of
increasingly challenging experiments for future events that push
forward both research and practical applications of multi-robot
systems. The first year goal is to exhibit and explore a range of  
tasks and
approaches to multi-robot teams, and to use this as a basis for
designing future more targeted challenges.

CONTRIBUTIONS can include live hardware demonstrations and/or short
video clips, showcasing multi-robot teams. We highly encourage
bringing hardware demonstrations where possible. Those interested in
contributing should submit a 1-2 page proposal, by March 10 2009,
containing the following information:

             - the names and affiliation of the exhibitors
             - description of the demonstration
             - summary of objectives and methods of the underlying  
             - citations to relevant or supporting papers
             - for a hardware demonstration,
               a list and short description of the hardware you will
               be using at the Challenge.

SUBMISSION can be done via email to: rad at eecs.harvard.edu
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by March 20, 2009.

TRAVEL SUPPORT may be possible for selected participants and their
hardware, depending on available funds and level of demand.

MISSION: the IJCAI 2009 Robot Challenge will serve as the foundation
   for more focused and commonly pursued challenges for AAAI 2010 and
   beyond.  The IJCAI 2009 Robotics site can be consulted for more
   information about the overall robotics events:



The Multi-Robot Teaming Challenge will be held in conjunction with the
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, in
Pasadena, CA, July 13-16, 2009.


Radhika Nagpal (Harvard University)
Chad Jenkins (Brown University)
Justin Werfel (NECSI/Harvard Medical School)
Chih-han Yu (Harvard University)

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