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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 23, Number 1-2, 2009
Regular Issue

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Table of Contents

Rearrangement Planning of Multiple Movable Objects by a Mobile Robot
pp. 1-18(18)
Author: Ota, Jun

Construction and Central Pattern Generator-Based Control of a
Flipper-Actuated Turtle-Like Underwater Robot
pp. 19-43(25)
Authors: Zhao, Wei; Hu, Yonghui; Wang, Long

Passive Step-Climbing Mechanism for a Mobility Aid
pp. 45-64(20)
Authors: Choi, Jin-Kyu; Park, Choong Sik; Kitagawa, Takahiro; Nakatani,
Kotaro; Sugii, Haruo

High-Precision Impedance Control Method for Flexible Base Moving
pp. 65-87(23)
Authors: Salehi, M.; Vossoughi, G.R.

A Novel High-Speed and High-Accuracy Manipulator of Planar Five-Link
Structure: Modeling and Calibration
pp. 89-112(24)
Authors: Ji, Junhong; Sun, Lining; Zhu, Yuhong

Study on Non-holonomic Cartesian Path Planning of a Free-Floating
Space Robotic System
pp. 113-143(31)
Authors: Xu, Wenfu; Li, Cheng; Wang, Xueqian; Liu, Yu; Liang, Bin; Xu,

Online Short-Term Multiple Sound Source Mapping for a Mobile Robot by
Robust Motion Triangulation
pp. 145-164(20)
Authors: Sasaki, Yoko; Kagami, Satoshi; Mizoguchi, Hiroshi

Adaptive Jacobian Force/Position Tracking Control of Robotic
Manipulators in Compliant Contact with an Uncertain Surface
pp. 165-183(19)
Authors: Wang, Hanlei; Xie, Yongchun

Sonar Map Construction for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using a Data
Association Filter
pp. 185-201(17)
Authors: Lee, Yu-Cheol; Lim, Jong Hwan; Cho, Dong-Woo; Chung, Wan Kyun

Development of an Intelligent Pneumatic Cylinder for Distributed
Physical Human-Machine Interaction
pp. 203-225(23)
Authors: Faudzi, Ahmad 'Athif Mohd; Suzumori, Koichi; Wakimoto,

Shear Control of Elastomer Shear Pads for Variable Remote Center
pp. 227-237(11)
Author: Lee, Sangcheol

Near-Optimum Folding for a Reconfigurable Snake-Like Robot
pp. 239-256(18)
Authors: Nourollah, Ali; Razzazi, Mohammadreza

Development of a System for Simulation and Control of an Unmanned
Aerial Vehicle
pp. 257-268(12)
Authors: Nawrat, Aleksander; Kozak, Kamil

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