[robotics-worldwide] Postdoctoral position on "Task-based design of robots' architecture using EA and simulation" at ISIR (Paris)

Vincent Padois vincent.padois at upmc.fr
Mon Feb 9 09:20:10 PST 2009

One postdoctoral position is available at ISIR/UPMC/CNRS in Paris 
(http://www.isir.fr). This position is opened within the framework of 
the TeleMach project funded by ANR (http://www.telemachproject.fr). This 
project is devoted to the tele-operation of maintenance tasks in the 
cutting head of tunnel boring machine. More specifically, ISIR is 
focusing on the development of a software dedicated to the task-based 
design of robot architectures for complex tasks. A preliminary version 
of this software was developed using evolutionary algorithms (EA) as the 
core optimization technique and a kinematic simulator for the evaluation 
of solutions. A second version of the software has to be developed using 
SFERES (http://sferes.lip6.fr) and KDL (http://www.orocos.org/kdl). The 
implementation of control laws for redundant serial manipulators is also 
in the scope of the work of the postdoctoral scholar.

Pre-requisites :

- good experience in C++ programming;
- experience in Matlab programming;
- good experience in robot modelling and control;
- experience in simulator developement;
- fluent in English or French;
- autonomy.

Some knowledge on the implementation of optimization techniques based on 
evolutionary algorithms would also be appreciated but is not mandatory.

Starting date : ASAP.
Duration of the contract : 12 months.
Monthly salary : 2050 euros (net pay).

The candidates should send their curriculum and motivation letter to 
Vincent Padois (vincent.padois at upmc.fr).

Vincent Padois
Maître de Conférences | Assistant Professor

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (CNRS UMR 7222)
Pyramide - Tour 55
Boite Courrier 173
4 Place Jussieu
F- 75252 Paris Cedex 5

Tel/Fax: +33 (0)1 44 27 63 83 / +33 (0)1 44 27 51 45 
Web page: http://www.isir.fr/?op=view_profil&id=89

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