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Deadline March 9th 2009!

Workshop on "Robotics and Automation in Assistive Living Systems"

The 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive environments http://www.petrae.org/ June 9-13, 2009  Corfu, Greece


The quality of life of an elderly person can be improved by allowing them to continue living as independently as possible in their own home or apartment.  However, some people require assistance in order to maintain some level of autonomy.  Assistive living systems are being developed for this purpose and they may consist of a monitoring system, composed of sensors embedded in the environment and computers with programmed logic for identifying events, and a response system, which can include robots to affect or alter the environment.  A synergy can be realized as the system, staff, and patient work together to improve the patient's quality of life.  This can be achieved to a greater extent if robots are included in the assistive living system.  The system's operations involve the use of robot(s) and automation to alter or collect information from the environment when the humans are unable to help themselves or unaware that they need assistance, as in emergencies.  However, even mundane situations are considered where robotics and automation can be used to simply make the human more comfortable in their environment.  These scenarios can be addressed quickly by robot(s) and/or automation stationed within the home, as opposed to having the system call someone for help.

*Workshop topics*

The key aspect of this workshop is that the robot(s) and/or automation physically interact with the environment in order to alter it or collect information from it; the robots/automation act as the assistive living system's effectors for manipulating the environment.  Within this context, submissions are invited which address any aspect of robotics in assistive environments including:

Wearable robots

Portable and light weight robots

Human-robot interaction


Service robots

Robots as sensors

Way-finding robots

Mobile robotic guides and RFID

Robot assistant for the visually impaired

Agile pet robots

Robot-assisted emergency response

Home automation

Helper robots

Robot companions

Socially assistive robots

Socially intelligent robots

Physically and psychologically supportive robots

Expressive robots

Mobile manipulation

Robot-assisted surveillance

Robot feeding aids

User-centered robot design

Robot-assisted nurse training

Expressive robots

Human-aware robots

Climbing and walking robots in assistive environments

Robot team interaction related to assistive environments

*Important dates*

Submission of papers: Monday March 9, 2009.

Feedback to authors: Monday April 6, 2009.

*Guidelines for submission*

Workshop candidates should send a short (4 pages) or long paper (6 pages) in .pdf format and submit it using the conference submission system.

*Organizing Committee*

* Alan Bowling, Robotics and Dynamic Systems Laboratory - The University of Texas at Arlington

* Panayiotis Shiakolas, Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Systems Laboratory - The University of Texas at Arlington

* Manfred Huber, AI and Robotics Laboratory - The University of Texas at Arlington

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