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Sun Feb 15 15:59:10 PST 2009

ICRA Travel Grant for US Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
[Note:  this grant opportunity is now open to postdoctoral fellows.]

Application Deadline: 02/20/2009

A proposal has been submitted to the US National Science Foundation to
support travel for US students and postdocs to the 2009 IEEE International
Conference on Robotics and Automation.  In anticipation of funding, students
and postdocs who are US citizens or permanent residents, and who are
planning to present their work at ICRA 2009, are invited to apply for a
travel grant. This grant will cover partial airfare reimbursement for
coach/economy class on US flag carriers only. The deadline for submitting an
application is 02/20/2009, and awards will be announced by 03/09/2009. To
encourage applicants to take advantage of their time in Japan to visit
universities and research labs, awardees will also be eligible to receive
supplemental funding to help cover the travel and lodging expenses of
visiting these labs, up to $250 for each day spent visiting labs outside of
ICRA (maximum of $500). Travel proposals are more likely to be considered
favorably if (a) the applicant plans to visit labs outside of ICRA and (b)
the applicant's home lab willing to reciprocate by hosting visitors from
Japan in future. (There is no financial commitment for hosting future
visitors.) Travel funds will be distributed as reimbursements upon
submission of receipts and a brief trip report after the conference.

To assist in the planning of visits to research labs, a partial list of
Japanese labs accepting visitors is posted here:
Applicants are encouraged to seek out other labs appropriate to their
research.  The goal of this travel grant program is to help awardees make
the most of their time in Japan, and to encourage future contact,
collaboration, and possibly participation in study-abroad programs in Japan
such as NSF pre-doctoral research enhancement programs, NSF East Asia and
Pacific Summer Institutes for graduate students, and postdoctoral

Travel grant awardees and their Japanese counterparts will also participate
in an orientation and social event at ICRA.

For information on applying for the travel grant, go to


ICRA US Travel Grant Committee

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