[robotics-worldwide] IEEE ICRA 2009 Workshop on Marine Robotics

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Tue Feb 17 09:38:33 PST 2009

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IEEE ICRA'09 Workshop on Recent Developments in Marine Robotics


The full-day workshop "Recent Developments in Marine Robotics" will be
held  during the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and
Automation (ICRA) in Kobe, Japan, on May 17, 2009.


This workshop is aimed at presenting recent developments in marine
robotics collecting keynote talks from experts of the main research
institutions. Research presentations and discussions will complete the
agenda. The scope of the workshop is intentionally broad with talks
concerning single AUVs, multiple, coordinate marine robots, sensor
networks, cooperative adaptive sampling, Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator
Systems and biomimetic underwater robotics. An interesting overview with
fruitful discussion and ideas for research directions are the expected
outcomes of the workshop.

Following the creation of a new IEEE RAS Technical Committe in Marine
Robotics (http://webuser.unicas.it/MarineRoboticsTC), the objective of
the workshop is to bring together several experts in different
disciplines interested in marine robotics, but who normally do not
interact with each other. This will reinforce the community of
roboticists interested in marine theory and applications. Several topics
are of interest, from homing to coordinated AUVs, coordinated control of
multiple marine vehicles up to underwater intervention with AUVs
equipped with a manipulator. This workshop will feature keynote talks,
research presentations and discussions in these areas to report on the
state-of-the-art in different related areas and to identify new
directions for research.


	Joseph Ayers, Northeastern University, U.S.A.
	Andreas Birk, Jacobs University, Germany
	Giuseppe Casalino, University of Genova, Italy
	Peter Drewes, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab., U.S.A.
	Matthew Dunbabin, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
	Franz Hover, MIT, U.S.A.
	Kazuo Ishii, Kyutech, Japan
	Hayato Kondo, Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science & Technology, Japan
	Giacomo Marani, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.
	Vera Moffitt, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab., U.S.A.
	Kristin Y. Pettersen, NTNU, Norway
	Gaurav Sukhatme, University of Southern California, U.S.A.
	Fumin Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

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