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International Journal of Social Robotics - Inaugural Issue 
Volume 01, Number 01, 2009
The Inaugural Issue is now available online at: 

These articles allow free access to pdf files for the first two years

The Table of Contents for the Inaugural Issue is as follows:

       Shuzhi Sam Ge and Maja J. Matarić 

Keepon: A Playful Robot for Research, Therapy, and Entertainment 
       Hideki Kozima, Marek P. Michalowski and Cocoro Nakagawa 

Multi-Layer Architecture of Ubiquitous Robot System for Integrated Services 
       Jong-Hwan Kim, In-Bae Jeong, In-Won Park and Kang-Hee Lee 

Towards Humanlike Social Touch for Sociable Robotics and Prosthetics:
Comparisons on the Compliance, Conformance and Hysteresis of Synthetic and
Human Fingertip Skins 
       John-John Cabibihan, Stéphane Pattofatto, Moez Jomâa, Ahmed Benallal
and Maria Chiara Carrozza 

Modeling Aspects of Theory of Mind with Markov Random Fields 
       Jesse Butterfield, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, David M. Sobel and Jonas

Satisficing Coordination and Social Welfare for Robotic Societies 
       Wynn C. Stirling and Matthew S. Nokleby 

Measurement Instruments for the Anthropomorphism, Animacy, Likeability,
Perceived Intelligence, and Perceived Safety of Robots 
       Christoph Bartneck, Dana Kulić, Elizabeth Croft and Susana Zoghbi  

Where Robots and Virtual Agents Meet: A Survey of Social Interaction
Research across Milgram's Reality-Virtuality Continuum 
       Thomas Holz, Mauro Dragone and G. M. P. O'Hare 

Toward Acceptable Domestic Robots: Applying Insights from Social Psychology 
       James E. Young, Richard Hawkins, Ehud Sharlin and Takeo Igarashi 

Using Attachable Humanoid Parts for Realizing Imaginary Intention and Body
       Hirotaka Osawa, Ren Ohmura and Michita Imai 

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