[robotics-worldwide] ELROB 2009: Two open slots for C-ELROB 2009

elrob elrob at fgan.de
Tue Feb 24 01:40:11 PST 2009

Dear participants, spectators, and roboticists,

the European Robotics Trial 2009 will take place in Oulu Finland from
the 15-18.June 2009.

It allows to demonstrate and compare the capabilities of unmanned
systems in realistic scenarios and terrains. Therefore it is as close as
possible to the typical deployment scenario for today.
ELROB is designed to assess current technology to solve problems at
hand, using whatever strategy to achieve it.
We believe that we are all committed to demonstrating at ELROB is
presenting cutting edge robotics technology, applied to real world
applications, that can shape the direction of research for the short and
medium term.
ELROB will enable Europe to re-engage in the benefits robotics can
deliver now and the future.

There are two slots left for participating in the C-ELROB 2009

We need to have your LOI (signed and stamped) as soon as possible if you
want to participate.

Featured scenarios this time:
    1. Reconnaissance and surveillance
    2. Transport - Mule
    3. Camp security
    4. Autonomous navigation

For more information please visit our web-page "http://www.c-elrob.eu/".

Frank E. Schneider

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