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Tue Feb 24 17:52:29 PST 2009

International Conference on Entertainment Robotics (ICER)
Incheon, Korea, 16-18 August 2009
'Where Theory and Practice Meet' 

Call for Papers 
Welcome to ICER
It aims to bring together the international community of researchers and practitioners to discuss and review the latest advancements and future directions in the area of entertainment robotics - thereby including all scientific activities in the fields of MiroSot, SimuroSot and RoboSot or similar systems. . Conference proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag.

Invited Session Proposal Submission : 7 March 2009 
Conference / Invited Paper Submission : 7 March 2009 
Notification of Paper Acceptance : 30 April 2009 
Final Manuscript Submission : 30 May 2009 
We look forward to receive your paper submission in the areas including, but not limited to: 
Dynamic modeling for robot and entertainment system 
Intelligent control 
Artificial intelligence for entertainment robotics 
Adaptive control systems for mobile robots 
Mechatronics and embedded systems for robotics 
Machine vision 
Multimodal sensor fusion and machine vision 
Map building, path planning and navigation 
Machine learning, reasoning, decision making and autonomy 
Multi agent systems 
Robot entertainment systems 
Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and environments 
System integration and application in entertainment robotics 
Soccer game strategy 
Robot soccer systems like mirosot, simurosot, robosot or similar categories 
Intelligent, CI-based software solutions (FL, GA, NN,etc.) 
Hardware architectures and development tools 
FIRA RoboWorld Congress 2009 Secretariat
Seoul 121-040, KOREA
Phone: +82 2 717 3280
Fax: +82 2 706 4879 
Email: conference at fira2009.org 
Website: www.fira2009.org 

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