[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Workshop on "Societal Impact: How Socially Accepted Robots Can be Integrated in our Society" - HRI2009

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Wed Jan 7 02:20:51 PST 2009

REMINDER: CfP Deadline 15th January 2009!

Workshop on "Societal Impact: How Socially Accepted Robots Can be Integrated in our Society"
4th ACM/IEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction 2009
http://hri2009.org/ 10th of March  2008
San Diego, CA

Call for Papers (apologies for multiple postings):
The workshop on "Societal Impact: How Socially Accepted Robots Can be Integrated in our Society" will be held in San Diego, CA at the ACM/IEEE HRI2009 conference. 
This half-day workshop will discuss possible methodological approaches to evaluate social acceptance and societal impact of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) with a special focus on collaboration with robots. 

This workshop will be held as 
* Follow-up to the workshop "Robots as Social Actors: Evaluating Social Acceptance and Societal Impact of Robotic Agents" http://workshops.icts.sbg.ac.at/roman2008social/ which was held during IEEE Ro-Man 2008 and 
* In conjunction with the Workshop "Social Responsibility in HRI: Conducting our Research, Changing the World" http://www.rpi.edu/%7Efreien/hri2009workshop which will be held beforehand at this year's HRI conference. 

*Important dates*
Submission of informal position papers (between 1 and max 4 pages):Sunday, 15th January 2009 
Feedback to authors: Saturday, 28th February 2009 
*Workshop topics*
Submissions are invited addressing one or more of the following questions: 
1. What kind of metrics already exist in the field of HRI for measuring social acceptance, like physiological measurements, behaviour observations, surveys etc.?
2. What are the pros and cons of existing evaluation methods and what are the innovations potentials toward other methods?
3. Do existing evaluation methods address needs for introducing robotic agents into "real life"?
4. How to support acceptance in Human-Robot Collaboration?
5. Which interdisciplinary approaches are used in HRI to address social acceptance and societal impact?
6. Which ethical issues should be concerned in the development of robotic agents, like legal aspects, psychological aspects etc.
7. How can the development of robotic agents be sustainable?
8. Which cultural differences exist in terms of societal impact on future Western and Asian societies?

*Guidelines for submission*
Workshop candidates should send a position paper (no longer than 4 A4 pages) before 15.01.2009 about a research or study they have been involved with (related to the topics described above) to astrid.weiss at sbg.ac.at. All position papers must be submitted in PDF format!

*Organizing Committee*
* Astrid Weiss, ICT&S Center - University of Salzburg, 
* Manfred Tscheligi, ICT&S Center - University of Salzburg, 
* Aude Billard, LASA Laboratory - EPFL Lausanne, 

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