[robotics-worldwide] CFP: ICRA09 workshop on Safe navigation in open and dynamic environments: Application to autonomous vehicles

Philippe Martinet Philippe.Martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr
Wed Jan 7 05:31:17 PST 2009

            Call for papers for

     ICRA09 International Workshop on
"Safe navigation in open and dynamic environments
      Application to autonomous vehicles"

          Kobe, Japan, May 12-17th.


If you intend to submit a paper, please note the following constraint:

Before january 15th : send the following informations to
martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr

    * Title of the paper (4 to 6 pages according ICRA09 format 
http://www.icra2009.org/contributions/author.html )
    * Authors (Name, Institution, email, Personal home page)
    * Abstract (If you have time, give us one abstractless than 200 words)

Before february 2nd
Send the paper to martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr

You will be informed about acceptation, and then final version of paper
will have to be sent to  martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr before march 1st.

We will appreciate your answer as quick as you can.

Best regards and Happy new year 2009

Philippe Martinet, Christian Laugier, Urbano nunes


Workshop on Safe navigation in open and dynamic environments
Application to autonomous vehicles


* Christian Laugier (INRIA, France), http://emotion.inrialpes.fr/laugier,
christian.laugier at inrialpes.fr
* Philippe Martinet (Blaise Pascal University, France),
Philippe.Martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr
* Urbano Nunes (Coimbra University, Portugal), http://www.isr.uc.pt/~urbano,
urbano at isr.uc.pt

Philippe Martinet, Philippe.Martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss topics related to the challenging
problems of autonomous navigation in open and dynamic environments.
Technologies related to application fields such as unmanned outdoor vehicles or
intelligent road vehicles will be considered from both the theoretical and
technological point of views. Several research questions located on the cutting
edge of the state of the art will be addressed. Among the many application areas
that robotics is addressing, transportation of people and goods seem to be a
domain that will dramatically benefit from intelligent automation. Such new
technologies can also be efficiently applied to other application field such as
unmanned vehicles, intelligent wheelchair, service robots, or more generally to
human assistance. Technical contributions related to this area, such as
autonomous outdoor vehicles, achievements, challenges and open questions will
be presented and discussed. Five technical areas, with a focus to their
instantiation to dynamic environments, will particularly be addressed:
Vision-Based Perception, Multi-sensors Perception & Localisation, SLAM & 3D
Reconstruction, Path Planning & Navigation Systems, Human-Robot Interaction.

Main Topics

    * Object detection, tracking and classification
    * Collision prediction and avoidance
    * Environment perception, vehicle localization and autonomous navigation
    * Real-time perception and sensor fusion
    * SLAM in dynamic environments
    * Real-time motion planning in dynamic environments
    * 3D Modelling and reconstruction
    * Human-Robot Interaction
    * Behavior modeling and learning
    * Robust sensor-based 3D reconstruction


The workshop proceedings will be published electronically as a pdf 

Selected papers will be considered for a special issue in an 
International Journal.  in connection with this workshop. We will issue 
an open call after the workshop, submissions will go through a separate 
peer review process.

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