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Stefan Wermter stefan.wermter at sunderland.ac.uk
Wed Jan 7 07:46:45 PST 2009

                    CALL    FOR    PARTICIPATION

         The Natural Computing Applications Forum Meeting
                    on Intelligent Neural Robotics
  			   NCAF 2009

       Date and Location: January 21-22, 2009, Sunderland, UK

The forthcoming NCAF meeting will be held in Sunderland on the
21/22nd January, hosted by the Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS) group
based at the University of  Sunderland. This  event will be set
along the banks of the River Wear at the award winning Sir Tom
Cowie Campus at St.Peter’s and a special evening event at
Sunderland’s National Glass Centre.

Programme summary:

      •	Stefan Wermter - Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Cognitive

      •	Jindong Liu - Mobile Robot Broadband Sound Localisation
         using a Biologically Inspired Spiking Neural Network

      •	Matthew Casey - Modelling the Sensory Hierarchy: From
         Gaze Shifts to Emotions

      •	Heidi Christenson - POPeye: Real-Time, Binaural Sound
         Source Localisation on an Audio-Visual Robot-Head

      •	Aneesh Chauhan - A Robotic Arm with Language
         Acquisition Capabilities

      •	Mark Ebden - Decentralized Predictive Sensor Allocation

      •	Harry Erwin - An Approach to Developing a Library of
         Voltage-Gated Channels

      •	Mark Elshaw - Recurrent Self-Organising Memory Model
         for Speech Signal and Semantic Feature Association for
         Emergent Speech Representation

      •	John Murray - Towards Emotional Robots: Interaction
         Preference between Robot and Human

      •	Mike Knowles - Reinforcement Learning and Perceptual
         Symbol Systems for supporting Human Robot Interaction

      •	Heidi Christenson - Simultaneous Tracking of Perceiver
         Movements and Speaker Changes Using Head-Centered,
         Binaural Data

If you would like to participate / register or find out
more information on the event, please visit either

http://www.his.sunderland.ac.uk/ncaf09/ or

best wishes


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Centre for Hybrid Intelligent Systems
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