[robotics-worldwide] Research Fellows on "Neuromorphic Sensors for Humanoid Robots"

Giorgio Metta pasa at liralab.it
Thu Jan 8 03:26:14 PST 2009

Research Fellows on "Neuromorphic Sensors for Humanoid Robots" (eMorph
project) at

- Italian Institute of Technology -- Department of Robotics, Brain and
Cognitive Sciences (prof. Giulio Sandini)


- University of Genova -- LiraLab (prof. Giorgio Metta)

We are looking to appoint few full-time researchers (PhD students and
Post-Docs) to work on the EU funded project "Event-Driven Morphological
Computation for Embodied Systems" (eMorph), with experience in the field of:

1. Computer Science,

2. Machine Vision,

3. Neuromorphic Engineering.

The goal of the eMorph project is to introduce the principles of biological
sensory systems design in the field of robotic vision. Specifically, we aim
at combining the design of novel data-driven biologically inspired sensory
devices with the development of unconventional asynchronous event-driven
computational paradigms, with structure and morphology that are matched to
the requirements of the robot's application domain. The work will be based
on the humanoid platform "iCub" http://www.robotcub.org/.

The work comprises diverse areas of expertise that will be covered by the
opened positions:

- design and testing of asynchronous vision sensors with non-uniform
distribution of photosensitive elements, using analog real-time low-power
VLSI neuromorphic circuits,
- realization of supporting data-driven asynchronous computational paradigms
for machine-vision methodologies that are radically different from
conventional ones,
- integration, testing and validation of the developed vision system on
advanced humanoid robotic platforms.

The successful applicant will join and help to develop a team studying the
evolution of next generation humanoid platforms with human-like abilities
and materials. As the work involves diverse disciplines, the ability of
team-working and a true interest in multidisciplinary research is essential.
Applicants should have a strong interest in bio-inspired approach to

A successful *PhD* applicant should have one or more of the following:
- Good skills in programming C/C++ and/or Matlab;
- Fundamental notions of microelectronics;
- Background in neuroscience.
The selected PhD students will join the "PhD School in Humanoid
http://www.iit.it/courses_unige .
For *Post-Doc* applicants, experience of research into the specific fields
is important and evidence of top quality research in the form of published
papers and/or patents will be a definite advantage. The salary will be
commensurate to qualification and experience.

To apply please send a cover letter outlining experience and qualifications
for the position and CV to Prof. Giorgio Metta (pasa at liralab.it,
cell:+39.320.421.8836) and Dr. Chiara Bartolozzi (chiara.bartolozzi at iit.it).

Giorgio Metta <pasa at liralab.it>           Assistant Professor
LIRA-Lab, DIST                            University of Genova 
Viale Causa, 13                           16145 Genova, Italy
Ph: +39 010 353-2946                      Fax: +39 010 353-2948

URL: http://pasa.liralab.it

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