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12th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the 
Support Technologies for Mobile Machines
09 – 11 September, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey


Announcement and Call for Papers
Robotics is an exciting field in engineering and natural sciences. 
Robotics has already made important widespread contributions and impact 
in industrial robots for tasks such as assembly, welding, painting, and 
material handling. In parallel, we have also witnessed the emergence of 
special service robots which perform valuable jobs, in new environments 
such as search and rescue, surveillance, exploration and security 
missions as well as provide assistance to a variety of users. The 
emergence of mobile machines, such as the climbing and walking robots, 
for these missions in un-structured environments, has significantly 
broadened challenges that must be considered by robotics research.

The purpose of the 12th International Conference on Climbing and Walking 
Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines (CLAWAR’2009) is 
to provide a venue where
researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the 
world can come together to present and discuss the latest achievements, 
future challenges and exciting applications
for mobile service machines in general, and climbing and walking robots 
in particular. In order to benefit all participants, and also to 
maximize the interaction, the technical program of this
conference is intentionally tailored to having relatively few parallel 
tracks. Each track will accommodate peer-reviewed articles, comprising 
regular and special sessions, dealing with
theoretical, experimental and application works. Moreover, the 
conference will include several keynote lectures and poster sessions.

Topics of Interest (non-exhaustive list):

• Autonomous robots
• Tele-operated robots
• Biologically-inspired systems and solutions
• Innovative design of CLAWAR
• Modelling and simulation of CLAWAR
• Planning and control
• Co-operative robot systems
• Intelligence and learning for CLAWAR
• Innovative actuators and power supplies
• Innovative sensors and sensor networks
• Positioning & localization
• Perception and sensor fusion
• Guidance and navigation
• Manipulation and gripping
• Legged locomotion
• Wheeled locomotion
• Hybrid locomotion
• Micro and nano robots
• Tele-presence and virtual reality
• Service robot standards and standardization
• SME robotics

• Planetary exploration
• Security
• Emergence rescue operations
• Surveillance
• Reconnaissance
• Education
• Biomedical robots
• Rehabilitation and function restoration
• Petrochemical applications
• Inspection
• Construction
• Entertainment
• Helping the elderly and the disabled
• Manufacturing
• Performing and creative arts robots
• Personal robots
• Robots for domestic environments
• Service robots
• Space robots
• Assistive robots
• Sport and exercise robots

Important Dates:
February 1, 2009 Proposals for Special Sessions
March 1, 2009 Submission of Extended Abstracts
April 15, 2009 Notification of Acceptance
May 15, 2009 Submission of Final (accepted) Papers
June 1, 2009 Early Bird Registration
June 1, 2009 Author Registration
July 1, 2009 Preliminary Program
September 9-11, 2009 Conference

General Co-Chairs:
Oguz Tosun, Turkey
H. Levent Akin, Turkey

Program Chair:
M. Osman Tokhi, UK

International Advisory Committee:
Gurvinder S. Virk, New Zealand (Chair)
M Armada, Spain
Y Baudoin, Belgium
K Berns, Germany
P Bidaud, France
B Bridge, UK
A T de Almeida, Portugal
K Kozlowski, Poland
G Muscato, Italy
L Seneviratne, UK
M Xie, Singapore

International Program Committee:
M N Ahmadabadi, Iran
F M Aldbrez, UK
K Althoefer, UK
A K M Azad, USA
R Arkin, USA
C Balaguer, Spain
D Barnes, UK
J Billingsley, Australia
F Bonsignorio, Italy
C Bostater, USA
K Bouazza-Marouf, UK
M Buehler, Canada
G Bugmann, UK
S Cameron, UK
C Cardeira, Portugal
C Chevallerau, France
C-M Chew, Singapore
P Corke, Australia
H Cruse, Germany
S Cubero, Australia
J Dai, UK
B Davies, UK
P G de Santos, Spain
R Dillmann, Germany
T J Dodd, UK
S Dubowsky, USA
M Dunbabin, Australia
E Dupuis, Canada
M S Dutra, Brazil
A Dutta, India
J-G Fontaine, Italy
L Fortuna, Italy
Y Fu, China
H Fujimoto, Japan
T Fukuda, Japan
E Garcia, Spain
S S Ge, Singapore
Z Gong, China
V Gradetsky, Russia
A Halme, Finland
E Herrera, Colombia
N Heyes, UK
S Hirose, Japan
M. A. Hossain, UK
D Howard, UK
L Huang, NZ
R Jarvis, Australia
S F Jatsun, Russia
E E Kadar, UK
O Kaynak, Turkey
P Kiriazov, Bulgaria
P Kopacek, Austria
K Kosuge, Japan
V Larin, Ukrain
S Lee, Korea
D Lefeber, Belgium
M A Lewis, USA
J Lopez-Coronado, Spain
H Ma, China
J T Machado, Portugal
L Marques, Portugal
R Molfino, Italy
S Moon, Korea
T Pipe, UK
H R Pota, Australia
D K Pratihar, India
L Preucil, Czech Republic
J Qian, China
W-Y Qiang, China
R Quinn, USA
M Rachkov, Russia
M Ribeiro, Portugal
J Sa da Costa, Portugal
J M A Salichs, Spain
V Santos, Portugal
T P Sattar, UK
K Schilling, Germany
M H Shaheed, UK
M A Shamsuddin, Malaysia
M N H Siddique, UK
F Silva, Portugal
L Steinicke, Belgium
L Vajta, Hungary
A Vitko, Slovakia
K J Waldron, USA
R Walker, UK
T White, UK
H Wöern, Germany
Y Yamada, Japan
A Yigit, Kuwait
S Ylonen, Finland
S Zahedi, UK
M Zecca, Japan
H Zheng, China
Z W Zhong, Singapore
C J Zhou, Singapore
T Zielinska, Poland
A Zomaya, Australia

Local Organizing Committee:
Barış Gökçe
Can Kavaklıoğlu
Çetin Meriçli
Tekin Meriçli

Workshop on Humanoid Robotics:
Changjiu J Zhou, Singapore

Special Sessions:
Gurvinder S Virk, New Zealand

Tekin Meriçli, Turkey

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