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Call for Participation
RoboCup at Home 2009
June 29-July 5, 2009
Graz, Austria

What is RoboCup at Home?

The RoboCup at Home league targets development and deployment of autonomous
service and assistive robot technology being essential for future personal
domestic applications.  It is is part of the international RoboCup initiative
and the biggest service and home robotic competition world-wide. The
RoboCup at Home tournaments are organized in well defined test scenarios, which
are used to evaluate the robots? abilities and performance in a realistic
non-standardized home environment. It establishes a common benchmark suite.

Focus of the @Home league
* Human-robot cooperation through natural interaction
* Navigation and mapping in dynamic environments
* Computer vision and object recognition in natural light
* Object manipulation
* Speech and gesture recognition
* Person detection and tracking
* Ambient intelligence
* Standardization and system integration

Features of @Home
* Open, extendable framework for benchmarking
* Lean set of rules
* Realistic domestic environment and useful tasks
* Low entry levels and progressive requirement increments
* Attractiveness and conviviality

Examples of @Home Tests
    The robot introduces itself and the team.
Follow me:
    A person guides the robot through the scenario using
    voice and gesture commands.
Fetch & Carry:
    Find and bring and object to the user.
Who's Who:
    Find and remember unknown persons.
    Find persons, receive orders and serve a drink.
    An unknown user has make the robot to retrieve certain
    objects from a shelf.
    Teach in locations in an unknown environment by showing the
    robot around
Cleaning up:
    Recognize and arrange unknown objects on the floor

Further information
RoboCup at Home Homepage:

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Videos on RoboCup at Home:

RoboCup 2009 Homepage:

Looking forward to see you in Graz!

The RoboCup at Home Organizing Committee

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