[robotics-worldwide] CFP for ICRA 09 - Workshop on "Control issues in the micro/nano-world"

Philippe LUTZ (FEMTO-ST) Philippe.Lutz at ens2m.fr
Fri Jan 16 00:14:54 PST 2009

Object : CFP for ICRA 09 - Workshop on "Control issues in the 
 Call for papers for ICRA09 International Workshop on "Control Issues in 
the micro/nano-world" , Kobe, Japan, May 12-17th.

* website of the workshop: 

* topics:
    - Automation in the micro/nano-world,
    - Control of systems for micro/nanomanipulation and positioning,
    - signal observers in micro/nano,
    - micro/nano imaging and metrology (AFM, etc.),
    - control of  MEMS/NEMS.

* important dates:
    - January 24, 2009: Abstract Submission deadline (less than 300words),
    - February 7, 2009: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection,
    - February 15, 2009: Extended Abstract Submission deadline (the 
camera ready file).

If you intend to submit a paper, please send by mail before January 24 
to mtrakoton at femto-st.fr  an abstract (less than 300 words). More 
details can be found at the workshop website 
http://www.femto-st.fr/~micky.rakotondrabe/icra09/  or in the attached file.

Best regards and Happy new year 2009

* The organizers:
    - Micky Rakotondrabe, FEMTO-st Institute - Besançon France, 
    - John Wen, CAT RPI - Troy NY USA, http://www.cats.rpi.edu/~wenj/
    - Philippe Lutz, FEMTO-st Institute - Besançon France, 
* Abstract

The objective of this workshop is to give an overview of current control 
techniques for systems in the micro/nano-world and MEMS/MOEMS/NEMS. 
Systems for microassembly and micromanipulation, micro/nano-positioning, 
imaging/measuring and manipulating systems with nanometer accuracy (AFM, 
etc.) are considered. These applications require a high position 
accuracy and sometimes a rapid response time, but the characteristics 
(e.g., hysteresis, creep, etc.) of the actuator and sensor materials 
(piezoelectric, SMA materials, etc.) frequently limit the performance. 
Moreover, the minute displacements in these systems lead to very low 
signal-to-noise ratio in the position measurements  Finally, sensors 
that can provide the required performances for micro/nano-manipulation 
tasks are often large and not easily integrated into the system, and 
sensors with small dimensions are often noisy and with limited dynamic 

The participants of the workshop will present innovative control 
techniques to address these challenges  related to the sensing and 
control in micro/nano-scale systems. The aim is to exchange experience 
and know-how on open-loop and closed-loop control approaches and to 
initiate collaborations. The workshop is a full day workshop.

Philippe Lutz 
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