[robotics-worldwide] Reminder of CFP: special issue on Vehicle Terrain Interaction for Mobile Robots -- February 1, 2009- Submission of manuscripts

Wang Dan Wei (Prof) EDWWANG at ntu.edu.sg
Tue Jan 13 01:34:05 PST 2009

Special Issue on Vehicle Terrain Interaction for Mobile Robots

Journal of Field Robotics


Special Issue Guest Editors: Danwei Wang, Nanyang Technological University,  Philippe Martinet, Université Blaise Pascal & Karl Iagnemma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This special issue focuses on state-of-the-art developments in modeling, estimation, motion planning, and control of all terrain mobile robots with significant vehicle-terrain interaction effects. Mobility in outdoor unstructured or semi-structured environments is an important consideration for mobile robotic systems. Modeling and estimation of the contact between tire (or track, foot, or other appendage) and ground, control performance robustness to uncertainties and disturbances, path/trajectory generation over 3D terrain, and precise trajectory tracking in dynamic environments, represent challenging issues in our scientific community. This special issue will stimulate interest and provides motivation for further research and development in intelligent transportation and autonomous robotics. Details can be found in http://www.journalfieldrobotics.org/Special_Issues.html


We invite papers that exhibit theory and methods applied to modeling, estimation, path planning and control of all terrain mobile robots with vehicle-terrain interactions. Topics are including, but not limited to:


1. *modeling of interaction between the robot running gear and terrain, including analysis of the interaction between wheels, tracks, feet, or other appendages with soil, vegetation, or other natural materials;


2. *description of uncertainties to vehicle motions, such as skidding/ slipping, and methods for explicit consideration of these uncertainties in planning and control;


3. *methods for sensing, sensor fusion, and estimation in the presence of terrain-induced perturbations


4. *experiments in posture estimation, data fusion, and control implementation;



Papers for this special issue must also provide technical descriptions of systems and results and analysis of experimentation.  For this special issue, experimental verification via field experiments is considered essential.




Important Dates:


February 1, 2009- Submission of manuscripts


May 1,  2009-  Reviews sent to the authors


August 1, 2009- Final manuscripts due for publication




Authors interested in submitting to this issue can discuss submissions with the special issue editors: Danwei Wang (edwwang at ntu.edu.sg), Philippe Martinet (Philippe.Martinet at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr) and Karl Iagnemma <http://%22%20%5Co%20%22>  (kdi at mit.edu)


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