[robotics-worldwide] CFP for JISR Special Issue on Networked Robots

Dezhen Song dzsong at cs.tamu.edu
Sun Jan 18 11:06:17 PST 2009

Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics

Special Issue on Networked Robots: Serving the Society

Networked robots pose a number of technical challenges related to network
noise, reliability, congestion, fixed and variable time delay, stability,
passivity, range and power limitations, deployment, coverage, safety,
localization, sensor and actuation fusion, privacy, security, and user
interface design. New capabilities arise frequently with the introduction
of new hardware, software, and protocol standards. In this special issue,
the research topics are focused on addressing algorithmic and system
challenges when the networked robots are used in service applications.

Possible Topics:

1. Communication

Variable time delays, packet effects
Protocol design for networked robots
Security, Privacy
Low Latency Video, Tactile

2. Coordination, Algorithms
Collaborative, distributed control, formation, swarm intelligence
Deployment, localization, mobility
Mapmaking and network self-organization

3. Systems and Applications
  	Human interfaces, human-robot interaction
  	Power management
  	Hybrid architectures, interoperability
  	Hardware (sensors, power, size, cost)

Paper Submission:

Deadline for paper submission: 15 Mar. 2009
Paper reviews returned to authors: 15 May 2009
Deadline for camera ready papers: 15 June 2009

Expected journal publication date: July 2009

See http://faculty.cs.tamu.edu/dzsong/tc/JISR-special-issue-call.html for

Special Issue Editors:
Nak Young Chong, School of Information Science, JAIST, Japan
Norihiro Hagita, ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communicatuon Laboratories,
Volkan Isler, Computer Science Dept., Univ. of Minnesota, USA
Klaus Schilling, Computer Science Dept., the University of Wrzburg,
Dezhen Song, Computer Science and Engineering Dept., Texas A&M University,

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