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Fredrik Heintz frehe at ida.liu.se
Wed Jan 21 04:13:49 PST 2009

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		   The 25th annual workshop of the
	    Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS)

		 May 27 - 28, 2009 Linköping, Sweden

The 25th annual workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence
Society (SAIS) will take place in Linköping, Sweden on May 27-28,
2009.  The SAIS workshop provides an ideal forum for contacts among AI
researchers and practitioners in Sweden and neighboring countries, as
well as for establishing links with related research disciplines and
industry.  Visit http://www.sais.se/sais2009 for more information.

The purpose of the SAIS workshop is:
* To give PhD students an opportunity to present their research to a
  friendly and knowledgeable audience and receive valuable feedback.
* To provide a forum for established researchers and practitioners to
  present past and current research contributing to the state of the
  art of AI research and applications.
* To provide an informal social event where AI researchers and
  practitioners can meet.

In addition to the regular presentations there will be invited talks
and presentations by the winners of the SAIS Master's Thesis Award and
the SAIS Best AI Paper Award.

We invite two types of contributions to the SAIS workshop:
* Original research papers
* Position papers from research groups or companies

The main purpose of position papers is to communicate research
activities of individuals and groups in Sweden and neighboring
countries.  Such papers should describe current research/application
challenges or current research/application endeavors.

All papers will be carefully reviewed by the program committee.
Accepted papers will be published in the electronic workshop
proceedings.  Copyright stays with the authors and authors of
previously unpublished papers accepted to the SAIS workshop are
encouraged to submit these to other workshops or conferences.

Original papers are not to exceed ten (10) pages, including all
figures and references, in two-column A4 article format with 10pt font
(detailed instructions are provided on the workshop webpage).  Papers
may be accepted for oral presentation or as posters.  Position papers
are limited to six (6) pages.  All submissions should be in PDF and
must be written in English.  Papers should be submitted through

* Wolfram Burgard, University of Freiburg
  Probabilistic techniques for mobile robot navigation
* Tom Ziemke, Skövde University
  Why robots need emotions
* Danica Kragic, KTH
  Vision for object manipulation and grasping
* Patric Jensfelt, KTH
  Title to be announced
* Christian Schulte, KTH
  Title to be announced

Paper submission deadline: February 27, 2009
Notification of acceptance: April 10, 2009
Deadline for final papers: April 29, 2009
The SAIS workshop: May 27-28, 2009

The SAIS workshop will be held at the Department of Computer and
Information Science (IDA) on the campus of Linköping University.

May 27th: The yearly workshop of SweConsNet, the Network for
Sweden-based researchers and practitioners of Constraint programming.

Patrick Doherty
Fredrik Heintz (chair)
Jonas Kvarnström (co-chair)

Christian Balkenius	Lund University
Marcus Bjäreland	AstraZeneca
Henrik Boström		University of Skövde
Mathias Broxvall	Örebro University
Paul Davidsson		Blekinge Institute of Technology
Patrick Doherty 	Linköping University
Patrik Eklund		Umeå University
Göran Falkman		University of Skövde
Pierre Flener		Uppsala University
Peter Funk		Mälardalen University
Fredrik Heintz		Linköping University
Anders Holst		SICS
Kai Hübner		KTH
Sture Hägglund		Linköping University
Arne Jönsson		Linköping University
Lars Karlsson		Örebro University
Jonas Kvarnström	Linköping University
Jan Eric Larsson 	Lund University
Jacek Malec		Lund University
Michael Minock		Umeå University
Lars Mollberg		Ericsson
Anthony Morse		University of Skövde
Mattias Nyberg		Scania/Linköping University
Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson University of Halmstad/University of Örebro
Lambert Spaanenburg	Lund University
Cecilia Sönströd	University of Borås
Vivian Vimarlund	Linköping University
Ning Xiong		Mälardalen University

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