[robotics-worldwide] CFP: HRI 2009 Workshop (UPDATE)

Takayuki Kanda kanda at atr.jp
Wed Jan 21 16:11:21 PST 2009

Submission deadline extended to February 15, 2009.

Social Responsibility in HRI: Conducting our Research, Changing the World

Workshop Website: http://www.rpi.edu/~freien/hri2009workshop

Submission (1 Paragraph to 1 Page Statement) Due (extended deadline)
February 15, 2009

At the 2008 ACM/IEEE Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2008) a
provocative panel was held to discuss the complicated ethical issues that
abound in the field of human-robot interaction. The panel members and the
audience participation made it clear that the HRI community desires -
indeed, is in need of - an ongoing discussion on the nature of social
responsibility in the field of human-robot interaction. At this half-day
workshop, we will explore through presentation and discussion the issues of
social responsibility in HRI, focusing on the unique features of HRI (e.g.,
value-specific domains such as autonomy, accountability, trust, and/or human
dignity; and application areas such as military applications, domestic care,
entertainment, and/or communication).

The focus of the workshop will be on outlining a living document of HRI and
social responsibility - a dynamic documentation of shared perspectives and
principles that might help guide those working actively in the field, and
help position the HRI community to respond to what will likely emerge as
increasing societal concerns about our work. We believe this workshop can
act as an initial point of departure for an ongoing discussion on these

Call for Participation

We invite all members of the HRI community to participate in this workshop
on social responsibility in HRI. We ask that all participants write a short
position statement (between one paragraph and one page in length) that
explores a particular aspect of HRI from an ethical or moral perspective.
Possible topics are listed below but position statements need not be limited
to these topics. Position statements must be sent by email to Nathan G.
Freier at freien at rpi.edu by (extended deadline) February 15, 2009.  Workshop
participants will not be asked to give formal presentations in the workshop,
but there will be opportunity to engage in discussion on topics related to
the position statements.


- Social Responsibility of HRI Researchers and Designers with Regard to...
  *  Specific Applications (e.g., Military, Healthcare, Home Utility, etc.)
  *  Specific Robot Features (e.g., Autonomy, Intelligence, Accessibility,
  *  The Role of Funding and Funding Sources in Directing the HRI Field's
- Dilemmas Faced When Values Conflicts Arise in Robot Design (e.g., Autonomy
vs. Accountability)
- Ethical Concerns Regarding Methods of HRI Evaluation (e.g., Wizard-of-Oz)
- Practical Concerns Regarding the Role of Social Responsibility in the
Development of the HRI Community
- Reflections on the Role that Social Responsibility Plays in Analogous
Scholarly and Technology Design Communities
- Etc.

Workshop Outcomes

We have identified a number of documentation and dissemination strategies.
These strategies are guided by our overarching goals for the workshop: (1)
to create common ground for discourse on issues around social responsibility
in HRI; (2) to create awareness of these issues amongst researchers,
designers (of robots/ robotic systems), and for the common public, and (3)
to support the process of developing community guidelines for creating
ethical research and design. Thus, we will collect position papers together
organized by overarching thematics and disseminate them to the community as
a white paper. We will also create an online presence providing tools to
co-create a living document of principles and guidelines. Finally, we will
target HRI 2010 as a possible venue for presentation of a paper summarizing
the workshop and its in-process outcomes.

Workshop Organizers

Nathan G. Freier (http://www.rpi.edu/~freien/)
Department of Language, Literature and Communication . Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute

Vanessa Evers (http://staff.science.uva.nl/~evers/)
Institute for Informatics . University of Amsterdam

Takayuki Kanda (http://www.irc.atr.jp/~kanda/) 
Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories . ATR

Victoria Groom (http://communication.stanford.edu/phd/students/vgroom.html)
Department of Communication . Stanford University

Bilge Mutlu (http://www.bilgemutlu.com/)
Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Melon University

Peter H. Kahn, Jr. (http://faculty.washington.edu/pkahn/)
Department of Psychology . University of Washington

Additional HRI Workshop

This morning workshop is being held in conjunction with the HRI 2009
afternoon workshop titled, Societal Impact: How Socially Accepted Robots Can
be Integrated in our Society. Participants in the Social Responsibility
workshop are encouraged to attend and participate in the Social Impact
workshop. Further information on the Social Impact workshop can be found
here: http://workshops.icts.sbg.ac.at/hri2009societal/.

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