[robotics-worldwide] International Symposium on Quality of Life Technology

Asim Smailagic asim at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 26 20:27:54 PST 2009

International Symposium on Quality of Life Technology
Intelligent Systems for Better Living
June 30-July 1, 2009
University Club at Oakland
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Well-Known Keynote and Invited Speakers (see list below)

Objective : Technologies to support quality of life and to maintain 
social and productive activities of every person are most demanded 
for the sustainability of the society. Focusing technology on various 
applications of robot services and intelligent sensing systems to 
prepare for demographic change and support quality of life is timely 
and of interest for scientists, engineers and society. In this 
conference, the leading researchers in the fields will exchange their 
scopes, activities and  most recent developments and open discussion 
to the participants.

List of Invited Speakers (Confirmed)

Henrik Christensen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Rory Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
Margaret Giannini, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Alan Jette, Boston University
Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon
Alex Pentland, MIT
Neil Resnick, University of Pittsburgh
Isao Shimoyama, University of Tokyo


o Components, Technology, Design and Engineering for QoLT: Sensors, 
Visual Interpretation, Participatory Design of Technology for Older 
People with Disabilities,  Lead User Design of QoLT, Assessment of 
Impact of Technology on Quality of Life, Persuasive Engineering Technologies.

o Robotics: Human Assistance Robots, Intelligent and Robotic Mobility 
Systems, Telerobotics, Manipulation.

o Rehabilitation Engineering: Prosthetics, Computer Access, Mobility, 
Augmented Communication.

o Human System Interaction: Modalities of Interaction, Coaching, 
Personal Agency, User Centered Design.

o Applications: Fall Prevention, Driving Assistance.

General Chair: Cliff Brubaker

Program Chairs: Rory Cooper and Asim Smailagic

Paper and Poster Submissions
Due date for submissions: March 1, 2009
Submission site: http://www.shrs.pitt.edu/cms/qolt/qolt.asp

Intended Audience
    * Scientists in research institutions
    * Engineers in industries
    * Clinicians and practitioners in health care
    * Graduate students
    * Professionals interested in the service technologies and 
applications of human daily activities
    * Eight plenary sessions with invited and regular papers
    * Three poster sessions
    * Exhibition
    * Panel on Future Challenges in Quality of Life Technologies
    * Banquet Speaker
In addition to the conference proceedings, we expect that all 
accepted papers will appear in a book within the Assistive Technology 
Research Series published by the Institute of Science.

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