[robotics-worldwide] Call for PhD positions in Biorobotics at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy

Paolo Dario paolo.dario at sssup.it
Mon Jun 1 09:38:42 PDT 2009

Dear colleague,
we should like to draw to your attention the Call for Applications to 
the PhD Program (in Italian: "Perfezionamento") in Biorobotics of the 
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy (www.sssup.it).
The Program is coordinated by our team at the ARTS and CRIM Labs 
(www-arts.sssup.it and www-crim.sssup.it).
As you know, Biorobotics is a new scientific and technological area with 
a unique interdisciplinary character. It derives its methodology mainly 
from the sectors of Robotics and Biomedical Engineering, but it includes 
knowledge from, and provides useful applications to, many sectors of 
engineering, basic and applied sciences (medicine, neuroscience, 
economics, law, bio/nanotechnologies in particular), and even humanities 
(philosophy, psychology, ethics). Biorobotics aims at increasing 
knowledge on how biological systems work, by analyzing them from a 
"biomechatronic" point of view; and at exploiting such knowledge in 
order to develop innovative methodologies and technologies, both for 
designing and building high performance bio-inspired machines and 
systems (at the macro, micro and nano scales), such as animaloid and 
humanoid robots, and for developing devices for biomedical applications, 
such as for minimally-invasive surgery and neuro-rehabilitation, and 
even for the development of new industrial products.
The PhD Program in Biorobotics aims at educating highly competent 
researchers with the potential to stand as future leaders in the area of 
Biorobotics worldwide. The ARTS and CRIM Labs are recognized as pioneers 
in the field of Biorobotics. So we will offer the PhD Students in 
Biorobotics a vibrant, interdisciplinary, international environment 
carrying on very advanced research projects. The selected PhD students 
will join a class of numerous PhD students, and will be offered advanced 
courses as well as individual research projects in the framework of many 
international projects (www.octopus-project.eu, http://www.araknes.org/, 
http://www.vector-project.com/, http://www.lampetra.org/, 
http://www.theangelsproject.eu/, www.dustbot.org, 
http://www.hydronet-project.eu/, http://www.project-time.eu/, 
http://www.nanobiotact.org/, http://www.integ-micro.eu/, and many 
others). The PhD students will use our excellent facilities, equipped 
with state-of-the-art instruments and robotic platforms; they will carry 
on their individual research projects under the active tutorship of 
well-known leaders in Biorobotics; they will be part of a large 
interdisciplinary research team comprising more than 120 senior and 
junior researchers and students; they will have continuous access to a 
network of international and interdisciplinary partners; and they will 
actively participate in many international projects.
The deadline for the Call is JUNE 11, 2009. Please refer to 
http://www.sssup.it/techschool for the details of the application. 
Please be sure to apply to the BIOROBOTICS CURRICULUM of the PhD 
Programme in Innovative Technologies of Info. & Com. Eng. and Robotics.

Please note that the Applicants should submit, in addition to their 
education and academic records, a detailed Research Project, of no more 
than 3,000 words, which will describe the research activities that 
applicants would like to perform during the PhD course. The Research 
Project should be consistent with one of the main topics of the 
Biorobotics Curriculum, such as: microengineering and microrobotics, 
humanoid and biomimetic robotics, medical robotics (including 
rehabilitation, surgery, prosthetics), and related methods and 
components (control, sensors, actuators, materials, etc.)
In addition to the current Call, a second Call for 10-15 PhD positions, 
specific for Biorobotics, will be issued within a few months by the 
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, with the same characteristics. We advise 
students to apply to the current open Call, and in case to re-submit 
their application to the next Call.
We deeply encourage your students possessing a M.S. Degree to apply. Of 
course, we should be happy to consider those students, if their 
application is successful, as a link to your laboratory and as an 
opportunity to pursue active collaboration with you.

Best regards,
Paolo Dario

Paolo Dario
Professor of Biomedical Robotics
IEEE Fellow
Director, Polo Sant'Anna Valdera
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33
56127 Pisa - Italy

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Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
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