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Learning and Data Mining for Robotics: Call for Papers
    Workshop collocated with ECML-PKDD 2009, Sept. 7th, Bled, Slovenia

Why ... What ... When ... Who...

WHY: Designing robot controllers for an open world is among the grandest 
challenges relevant to Machine Learning and Cognitive Systems at large. The 
goal of the workshop is to pro-actively discuss the research agenda of Learning 
and Mining for Robotics: to agree on what can be considered as solved problems, 
to list the current scientific priorities, to propose milestones, to share 
ideas, know-how and links with actual robotic platforms.

WHAT: Among the most critical tasks are the modeling of the robot itself 
(sensor/actuators), the modeling of the robot world (including other robots), 
the modeling of the task (reinforcement, imitation/apprenticeship, control), 
the design of experiments and active learning (non exclusive list, NEL).

All contributions related to Bayesian and probabilistic robotics, 
reinforcement learning and apprenticeship learning, learning from sensor 
data and logs (NEL) are welcome. All contributions discussing issues such 
as: how to learn with/without a simulator, and how to face the reality 
gap; how to build controllers that are robust with respect to motor/sensor 
failures; how to derive self-driven criteria/goals for the robot; how to 
deal with swarm robotics, distributed decision making and frugal 
communication; how to endow the robot with an implicit memory; are equally 
welcome. Finally, all contributions related to the exploitation of the 
robotic logs in order to debug/assess/reverse engineer the controller are 

WHEN and HOW: Deadline: June 10th
Send your research paper/position paper (Springer Verlag, < 10 pages)
via  http://www.i.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~suzuki/lemir.html
Notification: June 30th
Camera ready: Aug. 15th
Workshop: Sept. 7th
Style: http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-7-72376-0

WHO: chairs Einoshin Suzuki, Kyushu Univ. and  Michele Sebag, CNRS
PC     Shin Ando, Gunma Univ.
        Jose L. Balcazar, TU Catalonia
        Aude Billard, EPFL
        Nicolas Bredeche, Univ. Paris-Sud
        Joao Gama, Univ. Porto
        Peter Grunwald, CWI
        Hitoshi Iba, Univ. of Tokyo
        Kristian Kersting, Fraunhofer IAIS
        Jan Peters, Max Planck Institute Tubingen
        Marc Schoenauer, INRIA
        Marc Toussaint, TU Berlin
        Takashi Washio, Osaka Univ.

Workshop Web page: http://www.i.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~suzuki/lemir.html

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