[robotics-worldwide] Advanced Registration 2: 9th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control in Gifu (SYROCO2009)

Tetsuya MOURI mouri at gifu-u.ac.jp
Wed Jun 3 03:25:55 PDT 2009

(apologies for multiple postings)

Dear Colleague,

SYROCO2009 - http://www.syroco2009.org/ 
(the 9th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control) 
will be held in Gifu, Japan on September 9-12, 2009. 
SYROCO2009 will be held on the following schedule.
July 1, 2009:       Deadline for Advance Registration 
September 9-12, 2009:    SYROCO 2009 

<Plenary Lectures> New!
Lecturer: Oussama Khatib (Stanford University)
Title of Presentation: Human-Friendly Robotics

Lecturer: Tsuneo Yoshikawa (Ritsumeikan University)
Title of Presentation: Robot Hand Control for Grasping and Manipulation

Lecturer: Thomas Mergner (University of Freiburg)
Title of Presentation: Neurologically inspired control of stance 
                       in a humanoid robot 

<Special Invited Lecture> New!
Lecturer: Masaru Ogino (Toyota Motor Corporation, Hirose Plant) 
Title of Presentation: Next-Generation Robotics: Ushering in the Future

Registration website has been opened.
Please refer to the following website.
Please make Advance Registration no later than July 1, 2009.
Looking forward to your registration.

Haruhisa Kawasaki
National Organizing Committee Chair

 9th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control
    Nagaragawa Convention Center, Gifu, Japan
             September 9-12, 2009 

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