[robotics-worldwide] USARSim Workshop at IROS 2009

Stefano Carpin scarpin at eng.ucmerced.edu
Fri Jun 5 09:06:51 PDT 2009

Title: Robots, Games, and Research: Success stories in USARSim


Since its genesis in 2003, USARSim has evolved into a full-blown robot 
simulator whose components have been downloaded more than 40,000 times. 
The spectrum of envisioned applications has grown far beyond the 
initially envisioned search and rescue applications, and now encompasses 
a huge variety of robots, sensors and actuators. Examples of successful 
and effortless migrations of code from simulation to real robots abound; 
a clear indication of its value as a tool to ease the development and 
debugging of robot control software targeted for running on real robots. 
An active community of developers has contributed back a variety of 
additions to the open source project, and a fruitful exchange of ideas 
and tools has been established. This workshop aims to bring together 
researchers and educators using this software in order to promote and 
exchange of ideas, results, and software components. This timely event 
will coincide with the release of the new version of the simulator that 
will offer many renewed opportunities to current and new users.

Topics of interest:
The organizers welcome the submission of papers detailing extensions of 
the simulator, its use as a research tool for any kind of robotic 
application, or as an educational tool. Interesting application areas 
include, but are not limited to:

* validation;
* robot benchmarking;
* cooperative robotics;
* robotics education;
* Robocup;
* IEEE Virtual Manufacturing Competition;
* mobile sensor networks;
* human robot interfaces;
* industrial applications.

By no means is this workshop exclusively aimed to people involved in 
Robocup or urban search and rescue. On the contrary, papers 
describing research results related to other areas or initiatives 
are particularly welcome.

Important dates:
- Submission of papers: July 10, 2009
- Notification of acceptance: August 1, 2009
- Final papers due: August 15, 2009

Steve Balakirsky, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Stefano Carpin, University of California, Merced
Mike Lewis, University of Pittsburgh

For authors:
Papers should be formatted accordingly to the official IROS guidelines. 
A maximum of 8 pages will be allowed. Papers must be submitted in PDF 
format. See 
for  additional details.

Registration policy:
Authors of accepted papers will be required to follow the official IROS 
2009 registration policies.

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