[robotics-worldwide] HROV Nereus: Robot Explores the Mariana Tranch

Louis L. Whitcomb llw at jhu.edu
Sun Jun 14 10:45:27 PDT 2009

Dear Robotics Colleagues:

   On June 1, 2009  we completed our first 10,900 meter depth dive with
our new Nereus robotic underwater robot vehicle at 11 22.1N 142 35.478E
in the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific.  This 26 hour dive was
comprised of a 8.5 hour descent to 10,900m, a 10.75 hour  bottom
interval during which we had live video via fiber-tether multi-gigabit
optical telemetry and performed geological and biological sampling with
Nereus's robotic arm under the direction of our science party, and a 6.5
hour autonomous ascent to the surface.

   We conducted a total of seven dives on this expedition, two of which
were to the bottom of the Mariana Trench at 10,900 meters depth.

   The Nereus project team is from the Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institution, the Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Navy, and
the University of Hawaii.

   Some project-related links are below.

   Best Regards,

     Louis L. Whitcomb
     Dana R. Yoerger
     Andrew D. Bowen
     Michael V. Jakuba
     James C. Kinsey
     Stephen C. Martin
     Sarah E. Webster
     and the entire Nereus Engineering and Scientific Team

NSF and WHOI Press Releases:


HROV Nereus Project web site:

Recent IEEE/MTS Oceans conference paper (PDF):

2005 news item in Nature about nereus (PDF):

2004 MTS Journal paper:

2003 Scientific American news item:

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