[robotics-worldwide] IROS'09 Workshop on Evolutionary Design of Robots: extended deadline

Stephane Doncieux stephane.doncieux at isir.upmc.fr
Fri Jun 19 09:56:56 PDT 2009

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Extended deadline: July, 10th, 2009


                         Half-day workshop:
"Exploring New Horizons in Evolutionary Design of Robots (EvoDeRob)"
     to be held as part of the IEEE-IROS conference (IROS 2009)

              October 11, afternoon, St Louis, Missouri USA




Authors should submit a 2 to 8 pages article (IEEE double column format)
describing the poster to evoderob at isir.fr
All accepted papers will be published in the CD proceedings of the IROS
workshops. Authors will have the opportunity to present the main lines
of their contributions during a poster spotlight session and will have
to prepare a poster to encourage specific scientific discussion.


* "Resilient machines", J. Bongard
* "Abandoning Objectives and the Search for Novelty", K. Stanley
* "Evolutionary algorithms for the design of complex robotics systems",
Ph. Bidaud



Robot design usually follows a reductionist approach where mechanics,
electronics, control loops and software are designed in sequential
order, without much “feedback” from higher level components. While
impressive results have been achieved with this methodology, and it is
arguably the best suited to human engineers, it neglects numerous
situations in which, for instance, a minor change in mechanics can
substantially simplify software and/or electronics. Conversely,
evolution allows living organisms to take full advantage of interactions
across levels, because it provides a automatic and integrated design
process that relies only on the effectiveness of its results as a whole.

Loosely inspired by nature, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) now provide
mature optimization tools that have successfully been applied to the
design of many artifacts, from antennas to complete robots. In robotics,
it has culminated in the Evolutionary Robotics research field. Modular
robotics, swarm robotics or any robot with non-conventional mechanics
(high redundancy, dynamic motion, multi-modality) are challenging
robotics applications for which such an integrated approach could prove

The workshop will present the most recent fundamental developments of
ER, including some not yet transferred to real robotics applications. It
also aims at facilitating discussions on ER applications between
researchers of the field and potential users. Compared to the main
conference, the emphasis will be on fundamental issues rather than on
practical implementations.



    * Benchmarks & applications in evolutionary robotics (ER):
          o what robotics application challenges for future work?
          o  what could be the killer app of ER?
    * Methodological issues related to ER use in the context of
automatic engineering: fitness, genotype, phenotype, selection pressure,
algorithm design
          o bootstrap & premature convergence
          o genotype and phenotype abstraction level in relation to the
problem to be solved
          o  statistical tools relevant in the context of
population-based dynamics
          o models of ecological evolution
    * Multi-objective approaches
    * Diversity and novelty in evolutionary robotics
    * Modularity in genotype, phenotype and selection pressure
    * Evolution and development
    * Behavior description
    * On-line evolutionary robotics
    * Evolution of swarm robotics



    * S. Doncieux, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, ISIR/CNRS, France.
    * N. Bredeche, Univ. Paris-Sud, TAO/INRIA, LRI/CNRS, France.
    * J.-B. Mouret, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, ISIR/CNRS, France.



    * J. Bongard, University of Vermont. USA.
    * A.E. Eiben, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    * E. Haasdijk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    * J.-A. Meyer, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, ISIR/CNRS, France.
    * A. Philippides, University of Sussex, UK.
    * M. Schoenauer, TAO/INRIA, France.



    * Submission deadline: July, 10th, 2009 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)
    * Notification of acceptance: July, 31st, 2009
    * Camera-ready: August, 15th, 2009
    * Workshop: October, 11th, pm


	evoderob at isir.fr

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