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Special Issue on Legal and Safety Constraints and Solutions for Service
Robots Deployment in Outdoor Public Environments



            Dr. Pericle Salvini (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy)

            Prof. Cecilia Laschi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy)



To be published in Vol. 24, No. 10 (August 2010)



SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 30, 2009



In the last decades, impressive technological achievements have been
accomplished as regards to autonomous 


mobile robots in outdoor public environments. Robust and dependable systems
for navigation, environmental 


perception, obstacle avoidance and localisation have been successfully
integrated into several kinds of robotic 


platforms. At the same time, advances in the field of human-robot
interaction have brought robots and human 


beings as closer as ever.


These two trends have given birth to new application scenarios for service
robots in human inhabited 


environments, such as autonomous transportation of objects and people,
guiding, etc. However, this new robot 


generation poses unprecedented challenges to the current legal system and to
the design of safety requirements. 


If not overcome, such challenges may become serious hindrances to the robots
commercialization in the near 




The purpose of this special issue is to address, in an interdisciplinary
way, the main problems 


brought about by the actual deployment of this new robot generation,
pointing out constraints as well as 


possible solutions. 


Papers on all aspects relevant to robot legal and safety issues are invited,
including - but not limited to - 


the following topics:


- Strategies for safety and dependability in human-robot interaction and

- Novel methodologies for risk evaluation

- Legal issues for robot deployment in urban settings (e.g. traffic law,
privacy, autonomy and liability, etc.)

- Robot insurance

- Safety standards and certification

- Case studies analysis


Submission: Pdf format file of the complete manuscript should be sent by
September 30, 2009 to the office of 


Advanced Robotics, the Robotics Society of Japan through our homepage
(www.advanced-robotics.org). Sample form 


of the manuscript is available at the homepage, too. Additionally, please
send the same file to Prof. Cecilia 


Laschi (cecilia.laschi at sssup.it), and Dr. Pericle Salvini
(p.salvini at sssup.it) for the confirmation.




Pericle Salvini


Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Polo Sant'Anna Valdera,

Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 34

56025 Pontedera (PI)


Tel. +39 050 883422

Fax. +39 050 883497

E-mail: p.salvini at sssup.it


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