[robotics-worldwide] ICAPS 2009 Workshop on AI P&S for Ontologies and Semantic Web: DEADLINE EXTENSION!!

Fernando Fernandez Rebollo ffernand at inf.uc3m.es
Wed Jun 24 06:51:31 PDT 2009

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     The ICAPS 2009 Workshop on AI P&S for Ontologies and Semantic Web   
                  Thessaloniki, Greece
                  September 19/20th, 2009

Workshop Description:

Ontologies and Semantic Web are two topics often interrelated, that 
share a common angle.
Both fields are interested in providing a knowledge-based, semantic 
layer for interpreting
and reasoning about information and processing services made publicly 
available either in
the web or in intranets. In the last years, Artificial Intelligence 
Planning and Scheduling (AI P&S)
techniques have addressed new challenges in terms of knowledge 
representation, being able to
work with enriched domains, as well as in terms of new models for plan 
generation and execution.
The combination of all these fields, AI P&S + Ontologies + Semantic Web, 
might add value to each one of them.

In this sense, this workshop is aimed to explore, on the one hand, the 
use of
ontology-based knowledge models in AI P&S either for knowledge 
representation, for knowledge
interchange or for accessing large data collections in the web or in 
(possibly heterogeneous)
legacy databases. On the other hand, it is also focused on the use of AI 
P&S techniques as the core
technology to put in practice the potential of semantic web concepts. 
Specially, the workshop will be
interested in covering research and development fields where AI P&S 
plays a crucial role in either
the semantic description or the intelligent management of services and 
like Grid and Business Process Management (BPM) Systems.

The workshop will be interested on receiving research work (theoretical 
or practical applications) on the following issues:

    *  Ontology-based models and AI P&S
          o Definition of planning ontologies that overcome drawbacks 
detected on the
            real application of standard planning languages (such as PDDL)
          o Use of ontologies as the basis for knowledge exchange 
between different
            components of intelligent systems (like multiagent systems), 
where planning is a core technology
          o Planning applications that use ontology concepts for their 
          o Integration of ontology editing tools with planning systems
          o Derivation of planning domain models from existing 
ontological knowledge
          o Planning and Scheduling ontologies for the Semantic Web
    * AI P&S techniques for Semantic web services (including Grid and 
BPM Systems)
          o Relationships between planning languages and standard 
languages for modelling
            services and business processes
          o Automatic and mixed-initiative composition of services
          o Execution monitoring and workflow repair
          o Interleaving information gathering for planning and workflow 
          o Plan verification and plan quality for services and workflows
          o AI P&S for distributed/SOA-based BPM

Important Dates:
    * Submission Deadline: EXTENDED!!          June 30th, 2009 midnight 
Pacific Time
    * Notifications and Technical Program:     July 22nd, 2009
    * Camera-Ready Paper Submissions:            August 3rd, 2009
    * Edited Working Notes:                    August 8th, 2009
    * Workshop Date:                            September 19/20th, 2009

Submission Procedure:
We ask authors to submit technical papers in PDF format. Papers should
be formatted in accordance with the AAAI style template and may be at most
8 pages long, including figures and bibliography. Visit the url
http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Author/author.php for formatting 

Please note that all submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by 
reviewers, and that low-quality or off-topic papers will not be 
accepted. Also note
that all workshop participants must register for the main ICAPS-09 

Organizing Committee

    * Juan Fernandez Olivares. University of Granada, Spain 
(faro at decsai.ugr.es)
    * Laura Sebastia. Technical University of Valencia, Spain 
(lstarin at dsic.upv.es)
    * Paolo Traverso. ITC-IRST, Italy (traverso at fbk.eu)

Program Commitee:
Jose Luis Ambite. University of Southern California (USA)
Nick Bassiliades. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
Jim Blythe. University of Southern California (USA)
Luis Castillo. University of Granada (Spain)
Oscar Corcho. Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
Oscar Garci­a. IActive Intelligent Solutions (Spain)
Juan Fdez-Olivares. University of Granada (Spain)
Yolanda Gil. University of Southern California, (USA)
Juan Miguel Gomez. University Carlos III (Spain)
Jana Koehler. IBM Research Zurich (Switzerland)
Lee McCluskey. University of Huddersfield (U.K.)
Sheila McIlraith. University of Toronto (Canada)
Miguel Rebollo. Technical University of Valencia (Spain)
Bernd Schattenberg. University of Ulm (Germany)
Laura Sebastia. Technical University of Valencia (Spain)
Evren Sirin. Clark & Parsia, LLC (USA)
Biplav Srivastava. IBM Indian Research Lab (India)

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