[robotics-worldwide] IJCAI manipulation challenge and iCub

Giorgio Metta giorgio.metta at iit.it
Tue Jun 30 16:09:17 PDT 2009

Dear reader,
This is to draw your attention to the "IJCAI 2009 Robotics Exhibition and
Workshop on Mobile Manipulation Challenge" to be held in Pasadena, CA, next
July 13th-16th. More information is available from:


In particular, among the many fine demonstrations, I'd like to advertize the
RobotCub European project. The RobotCub team will have a full humanoid robot
on show. 

RobotCub is an Integrated Project funded by European Commission through its
Cognitive Systems and Robotics Unit (E5) under the Information Society
Technologies component of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

The RobotCub project has two main goals: (1) to create a new advanced
humanoid robot – the iCub – to support Community research on embodied
cognition, and (2) to advance our understanding of several key issues in
cognition by exploiting this platform in the investigation of cognitive

The iCub is a 53 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot of the same size as a
three and a half year-old child. It can crawl on all fours and sit up. Its
hands allow dexterous manipulation and its head and eyes are fully
articulated. It has visual, vestibular, auditory, and haptic sensory
capabilities. The iCub is an open systems platform: mechanics, electronics,
and software. Users and developers in all disciplines, from psychology,
through cognitive neuroscience, to developmental robotics, can use it and
customize it freely under a GPL license. It is intended to become the
research platform of choice, so that people can exploit it quickly and
easily, share results, and benefit from the work of other users. Several
copies of the iCub are now available in many research institutions across
Europe and a lively community of users and developers has been established.

More information is available from our home page: http://www.robotcub.org

At IJCAI you'll get the chance to talk to some of the developers and
designers behind the iCub, to see the robot, touch it, look at the
technology, tactile/skin, electronics, drawings, etc. 

Looking forward to meet you there!

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