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Andreas Birk a.birk at jacobs-university.de
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Dear all,

regarding three frequent questions for the ICRA Planetary Exploration 
Challenge (see below for the Call for Participation):

1) Can my team participate just with tele-operation: YES, teams doing 
tele-operation are very welcome; special locomotion capabilities are of 
interest for the challenge.

2) Does our robot has to be weather-proof: NO, the demo is outside but 
nobody is expected to perform during rain or other conditions that are 
not suited for the team. There is also an indoor arena and the schedule 
will be set cooperatively among all teams.

3) Is there travel support: YES, there is support generously provided by 

If you are interested in participating please read the call below and 
get in touch with me asap.

Best regards,
Andreas Birk

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                         Call for Participation
Planetary Exploration Challenge

International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2009
Kobe, Japan, May 12 – 17, 2009

Planetary exploration through intelligent mobile robots is a fascinating
endeavor. The tremendous success of the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit
and Opportunity already shows the potential of this field where
nevertheless many open problems remain. First of all, there are a large
variety of different planetary environments and possible missions that
are of scientific interest. Accordingly, various locomotion and
manipulation challenges exist for planetary exploration robots. Second,
communication delays or even dropouts make standard teleoperation very
challenging. Intelligent autonomous functions are hence of tremendous
interest to facilitate robot control.

The ICRA Planetary Exploration Challenge consists of different mission
components that reflect these open problems. A description of the
challenges planned for this event can be found at

Teams interested in participation are welcome to make suggestions for
the challenges. The event will be a demonstration of state of the art
research relevant to planetary exploration, especially in form of robot
designs and intelligent autonomous functions.

Teams interested in participating should send an email with subject
“Planetary Exploration Challenge, ICRA 2009” to Andreas Birk ( a.birk @
jacobs-university.de ) by 28. February 2009 with following information:

     * Team Name
     * Affiliation
     * Team Leader
     * Email
     * Team size (number of team members)

For further information, please visit <http://icra.wustl.edu/?q=2009sandbox>

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Jacobs University

School of Engineering and Science
Research 1, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen, Germany


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