[robotics-worldwide] New robotics book announcement: DYNAMICS AND ROBUST CONTROL OF ROBOT-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION

Xie Ming (Assoc Prof) mmxie at ntu.edu.sg
Mon Mar 16 18:19:29 PDT 2009

New Frontiers in Robotics - Vol. 2






Miomir Vukobratovic 

("Mihajlo Pupin" Institute, Belgrade, Serbia), 


Dragoljub Surdilovic 

(Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems & Design Technology IPK,
Berlin, Germany), 


Yury Ekalo 

(St Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russia) & 


Dusko Katic 

("Mihajlo Pupin" Institute, Belgrade, Serbia)



This book covers the most attractive problem in robot control, dealing
with the direct 

interaction between a robot and a dynamic environment, including the

physical interaction. It provides comprehensive theoretical and

coverage of interaction control problems,  starting from the
mathematical modeling of 

robots interacting with complex dynamic environments, and proceeding to
various concepts 

for interaction control design and implementation algorithms at
different control layers. 

Focusing on the learning principle, it also shows the application of new
and advanced 

learning algorithms for robotic contact tasks.


The ultimate aim is to strike a good balance between the necessary
theoretical framework 

and practical aspects of interactive robots. 




Control of Robots in Contact Tasks: A Survey; 

A Unified Approach to Dynamic Control of Robots; 

Impedance Control; 

Practical Synthesis of Impedance Control; 

Robust Control of Human-Robot Interaction in Haptic Systems; 

Intelligent Control Techniques for Robotic Contact Tasks.



Researchers, academics and graduate students in robotics and automated

dynamical systems, artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic.


Key Features


*    Presents a unified approach to dynamic control of robots on the
basis of a generalized dynamic

model of environment


*    Covers the stabilization of robot interacting with the dynamic
environment considering critical 

contact transition and time delay effects


*    Tackles compliance control concepts in industrial robotic systems,
including planning and 

programming issues


(more at: http://www.worldscibooks.com/compsci/7017.html)


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