[robotics-worldwide] Algorithmic Automation Workshop at RSS

Ken Goldberg goldberg at ieor.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 24 12:46:39 PDT 2009

Call for Participation:

Workshop on Algorithmic Automation


In conjunction with the Robotics: Systems and Sciences Conference (RSS)
Sunday 28 June 2009
Seattle WA

We welcome participation from researchers, students, and industrial 
experts and will encourage lively discussion among all participants. Our 
goal is to bring together researchers to present "algorithmic" approaches 
to automation and discuss open research questions that can benefit the 
quality and productivity of manufacturing. Algorithms are a fundamental 
component of automation systems: they control or reason about motion and 
perception in the physical world. They receive input from noisy sensors, 
consider geometric and physical constraints, and perform repetitive 
operations using imprecise actuators. Unfortunately, automation for 
manufacturing today is where computer technology was in the early 1960's, 
a patchwork of ad-hoc solutions lacking a rigorous scientific methodology. 
Computer aided design (CAD) has progressed a long way toward elegant 
modeling of mechanical parts and behavior. What's needed is a framework 
for the systematic design of automated manufacturing systems that handle 
these parts. Automation is amenable to formal specification, analysis, and 
synthesis. The abstraction of these operations and resulting analysis can 
facilitate improving the integrity, reliability, interoperability, and 
maintainability of manufacturing systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

     * Robust, Realistic Mechanics Simulation Algorithms for Mfg
     * Robot Learning Algorithms for Mfg Operations
     * Algorithms for Repetitive Sensing
     * Grasping, Fixturing, Caging
     * Feeding, Sorting, Singulating
     * Casting, Molding
     * Assembly and Disassembly
     * Part Behavior Modeling (Friction, Dynamics, Deformation,
     * Machining and Tool Path Generation
     * Rapid prototyping
     * Part Design for Feeding/Casting/etc.
     * Modular Hardware Devices and Systems
     * Foundations
           o computational geometry
           o data structures
           o controllability
           o complexity and completeness


Ken Goldberg,          UC Berkelely
Vijay Kumar,           University of Pennsylvania
Todd Murphey,          Northwestern U.
Frank van der Stappen, U Utrecht

Confirmed Speakers:

Karl Bohringer (UW),
Gary Bradski (Willow Garage),
Erica Fuchs (CMU),
Jeff Trinkle,  (RPI),
Lydia Kavraki, (Rice University),
Raju Mattikalli (Boeing),
Robert Tilove,  (General Motors Research)

There will be ample time for discussion and we can arrange short 
presentations by attendees on new work.

Details on the workshop can be found online:

For more information please contact the organizers at:

Ken Goldberg <goldberg at berkeley.edu>,
Vijay Kumar <kumar at central.cis.upenn.edu>
Todd Murphey <t-murphey at northwestern.edu>, 
Frank van der Stappen <frankst at cs.uu.nl>,

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