[robotics-worldwide] CfP and Program: Workshop on NEW AI IN ROBOTICS, CYBERPHYSICAL SYSTEMS SCIENCE AND EMBODIED COGNITION during Euron AGM - Leuven 6 April 2009

Fabio Bonsignorio fabio.bonsignorio at heronrobots.com
Thu Mar 26 13:58:38 PDT 2009

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Dear All,

SCIENCE AND EMBODIED COGNITION during the  Euron Annual General
Meeting  2009 in Leuven, Belgium, April 6-7, 2009.

How the new paradigms in AI, from swarm intelligence to morphological
computation and complex adaptive systems theory applications, (could)
help robotics? Is robotics the science of embodied cognition? Is there
a need to extend computation theory to manage the interaction with the
physical world? Does robotics needs a 'paradigm change' from top-down
symbolic processing to emerging self-organized cognitive behaviors of
complez adaptive dynamical systems? Which relations are there between
new AI, the US NSF idea of CyberPhysical Systems Science, and the
concepts of embodied and situated cognition popular in European
cognitive sciences community and a significant part of the robotics
community? What does it mean in this context to be 'biomimetic'?

If you have something to say on the topic, there will room for
discussion as we would like to have an open discussion on somehow
controversial issues!

At Euron AGM in Leuven there will be the official startup of Euron 3,
 see the program of the Euron AGM and logistics details

All the best

Workshop Highlights:
-- Registration is Free
-- Seminar Format: This forum aims to provoke a public discussion of
the challenges, problems, possible approaches and doubts raised,
related to this program and to identify the possible ways to cope (or
fail) with them. The forum will consist of presentations interleaved
with a significant amount of additional time for discussions between
the presentations and at the end of the half-day single track session.
--Post Proceedings: The speakers and the attendees will be invited to
send a 'real' paper AFTER the discussion for a post proceedings
book/journal special issue,
with no hurry :-)
--Unconference style interaction is encouraged: This will be a
'working' :-) workshop interaction in person and by social networking
media with people in the room and outside is welcome

DATES: April 6 April

14:10 14:30 Introduction: questions and challenges to the audience

14:30 15:15 Keynote: Flexible and Highly Adaptive Modular,
Sensorimotor, Embodied Control
M. Butz University of Wurzburg

15:15 15:45 Discussion

15:45 16:15 Quantifying morphological computation: self-assembly and
running-swimming robots
J.P. Carbajal M. Lungarella R. Pfeifer University of Zurich

16:15 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 17:00  Swarms give better results than isolated robots:
Lesson learned in  the ROBOSWARM and IWARD European projects
U. Antero Fatronik

17:00 17:30 A survey of Information Driven Self Organisation approaches
F. Bonsignorio Heron Robots

17:30 18:30  Final Discussion

18:30 18:35 Wrap-up

Organizer:Fabio Bonsignorio
CEO & Founder
Heron Robots srl V.R. Ceccardi 1/18, 16121 Genova, Italy.
Email: fabio.bonsignorio at heronrobots.com
Tel: +39-339-8406011

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