[robotics-worldwide] UNI Mini-Sumo Ship-In's Invitational April 30th

Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Fri Mar 27 13:37:58 PDT 2009

Mini-Sumo Ship-In's! on again for another year! Last year we had
a larger number of Ship-In's and the competition had an
flavor. Our students learned what tough competitors there were
out there. We have a new group of students building this year.
They haven't experienced competition yet, so please, all you
guys with Sumos, come show us how it is done. This year, all you
guys who thought about entering should actually enter! 

What better example of showing your robots have matured, than
you send them off to compete in a contest on their own, and then
watch the Live Webcast as they "duke it out" with other robots
from this and other countries. And if you've seen the previous
matches, you know we get some very careful and dilligent
assistants to prepare, place and operate your robots per your
written instructions.


Here's a way to send your robot into combat, and have its
appearance documented for the foreseeable future! ("I'll make ya

This year we are again in the new location, hoping to draw more
student interest and participation. We will also increase our
local advertizing to get them in. And we will again have our
excellent team of videographers webcasting and recording the
event. So we continue the hope of growing into a very
significant robot event. 

So get ready and send in those challengers. Remember, there's a
cap on how many competitors will be accepted (12) so enter as
soon as you can.

Following below are details from the sponsor.


We have reserved a large meeting hall in the Maucker Student
Union for 8 am to Noon, Thursday, April 30, for the "Fourth UNI
Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge." [This is where we held the event
last year.]  

Updating what we sent out last year:

The 2009 Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge--hosted by the University
of Northern Iowa Physics Department

1.  The Fourth UNI Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge will accept a
maximum of 12 robots from outside UNI for the April 30th event.
Those wishing to enter should e-mail Cliff Chancey at
c.chancey at uni.edu.  He will validate their entry within 24
hours, or let them know that the challengers have already been
selected.  Those selected will receive shipping information.

2. Include detailed instruction about preparing your entry, how
it should be charged (include extra batteries or a charger), how
the wheels should be cleaned (include handy wipes or other
materials for this purpose), how you want in placed on the line
(pictures help), and any special button pushes, etc., to
initiate the combat. 

3.  There will be a $20 entry fee.  Checks or money orders
should be made out to "UNI Physics Department" and included in
the submission. (Covers return postage, etc.)

4.  The UNI Physics Dept. will return-mail each of the 12
challenger robots to their owners using the packing materials
that the robots arrived with, where possible.  The Department
will make a good faith effort to return all robots in operating
condition but we cannot guarantee this.  We will use proper
carriers (US Postal Service, Fedex, or similar) but this is the
extent of our promise.  Challengers must accept the normal risks
of shipping sensitive equipment.

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