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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics

Volume 23, Number 6, 2009
Regular Issue

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Table of Contents

Human Tracking System Integrating Sound and Face Localization Using
Expectation-Maximization Algorithm in Real Environments
pp. 629-653(25)
Authors: Kim, Hyun-Don; Komatani, Kazunori; Ogata, Tetsuya; Okuno,
Hiroshi G.

Design and Control of a Hydraulic Simulator for a Flexible-Joint Robot
pp. 655-679(25)
Authors: Fotouhi, R.; Salmasi, H.; Dezfulian, S.; Burton, R.

Minimizing Energy Consumption in Hexapod Robots
pp. 681-704(24)
Authors: de Santos, P. Gonzalez; Garcia, E.; Ponticelli, R.; Armada, M.

Conceptual Warehouse Design Algorithm Using a Network Flow Model
pp. 705-724(20)
Authors: Nikaido, Makoto; Kobayashi, Toyokazu; Ito, Tomio; Higashi,
Toshimitsu; Tamura, Hirofumi; Ota, Jun

Visual Control of Robots with Delayed Images
pp. 725-745(21)
Authors: Perez-Vidal, Carlos; Gracia, Luis; Garcia, Nicolas; Cervera,

Factors Involved in Tactile Texture Perception Through Probes
pp. 747-766(20)
Authors: Yoshioka, Takashi; Zhou, Julia

Design and Development of an Emotional Interaction Robot, Mung
pp. 767-784(18)
Authors: Kim, Eun Ho; Kwak, Sonya S.; Hyun, Kyung Hak; Kim, Soo Hyun;
Kwak, Yoon Keun

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