[robotics-worldwide] Postdoctoral Positions at MIT

Daniela Rus rus at csail.mit.edu
Tue May 12 07:21:37 PDT 2009

At least two postdoctoral research positions are available in the  
Robotics Laboratory at CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
Cambridge MA USA

The PI is Prof. Daniela Rus. See URL: groups.csail.mit.edu/drl

Each appointment duration is 12 months, with a possible extension of  
another 12 months.

Position 1
The research will be focused on designing small soft robots capable of  
locomotion and
internal deformation, in order to squeeze through holes narrower than  
the robot body.
The research will investigate the role of new materials and non- 
traditional actuation in
designing and controlling such machines.  The research will also  
investigate control and
planning algorithms for this type of system. This project is a  
collaboration between MIT,
Harvard, and iRobot. For this position we are looking for applicants  
with robotics background.
Applicants with chemical engineering background can also be a good fit.

We are looking for candidates with knowledge of mechanism design
and control, demonstrated creativity, and experience with building  

Position 2
The research will be focused on decentralized control of multi-robot  
systems. We are
looking for creative candidates with strong background in control  
theory, estimation theory,
and experience with implementing algorithms on hardware platforms.  
Some knowledge
of computer networking is also desirable.


Applicants for both positions should hold a PhD in a robotics-related  
Interested applicants should send a CV (with a brief research  
statement) and a
list of references by email to Rebecca Yadegar ryadegar at csail.mit.edu

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