[robotics-worldwide] Computing Innovation Fellow Mentors

Robin Murphy murphy at cse.tamu.edu
Sat May 23 06:14:20 PDT 2009

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M has three
faculty in robotics interested in mentoring Computing Innovation Fellows.
The department is active in research in algorithms and artificial
intelligence for robotics and works with a large suite of ground, aerial,
and sea vehicles as well as sensors. Robotics at Texas A&M includes nine
other researchers in Aerospace, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering,
providing significant multidisciplinary opportunities. Texas A&M also has
unique facilities and a 52 acre Disaster City testbed for emergency response

Prof. Nancy Amato works in motion planning with application to robotics,

multi-agent systems, crowd control, VR, and computational biology.

(amato at tamu.edu, http://parasol.tamu.edu/~amato/)

Prof. Robin Murphy works in rescue robotics, concentrating on human-robot
interaction and behavioral control of heterogeneous teams. (
murphy at cse.tamu.edu <mailto:murphy at cse.tamu.edu>,
http://faculty.cse.tamu.edu/murphy/) <http://faculty.cse.tamu.edu/murphy/>

Prof. Dezhen Song works in networked robots, computer vision, autonomous
navigation, and automation.  (dzsong at cse.tamu.edu,

Information about the Computing Information Fellows program is at
Prof. Robin R. Murphy, PhD
Raytheon Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University
office phone: 1-979-845-2015 location: HR Bright 333C
blog: rescuerobotics.blogspot.com

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