[robotics-worldwide] AMD Workshop at IROS 2009, St. Louis, USA, October 11, 2009

Danil Prokhorov dvprokhorov at gmail.com
Tue May 26 18:21:00 PDT 2009

IROS 2009 Workshop "Autonomous Mental Development for Intelligent
Robots & Systems"


Autonomous mental development occurs in naturally intelligent systems
whose brains are embodied and bodies are embedded in their
environments through life-long learning. Artificially intelligent
systems are still quite inferior to even the simplest of their natural
counterparts. The workshop participants will discuss autonomous mental
development and how it can help in creating more intelligent machines.
Success stories and lessons learned from the field of autonomous
mental development will be shared.

Recent advances in computational intelligence, cognitive science,
neuroscience, and robotics have stimulated the birth and rapid growth
of the Autonomous Mental Development (AMD). New cross-disciplinary
conference series, International Conference on Developmental Learning
(ICDL), has been initiated and going strong for several years. The new
IEEE Transaction on Autonomous Mental Development was established in
2008 to help bring together different communities of researchers to
advance the AMD field.

The goals of this workshop:

1) demonstrate direct relevance of the AMD to the conference theme
"Exploring New Horizons in Intelligent Robots and
2) give a historic perspective and an overview of current activities
in the AMD field.
3) discuss key architectural features that systems capable of autonomous
development of mental capabilities should exhibit.
4) share success stories of the AMD community with the IROS community.
5) examine case studies from the AMD community.

List of topics:

- Computational modeling of mental development, including mental
architecture, theories, algorithms, properties and
- Experimental investigations relevant to the goal of achieving a
computational understanding of developmental processes in
humans and animals, especially those focusing on the role of
experience and on the active exploration of the environment;
- Engineering applications of autonomous mental development such as
mechanisms enabling highly complex capabilities by
robots and other intelligent artificial systems.


July 15 - submission of papers for review
August 15 - notification of acceptance
September 1 - deadline for camera-ready submissions
October 11 - workshop

Please visit the workshop home page
http://amdworkshopiros09.googlepages.com/   for more information.

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