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Thu May 28 09:49:13 PDT 2009

International Summer School in Interactive Robots and Media

Interactive Robots & Media Laboratory
United Arab Emirates University
Asst. Prof. Nikolaos Mavridis
Director, IRML
PhD, MIT Media Laboratory
irmluaeu at gmail.com

The Interactive Robots and Media Lab of the UAEU, next to Dubai,
home of the Microsoft-chosen "FaceBots" social robotics project,
recently covered on BBC and media of more than 20 countries worldwide)
as well as "IbnSina", the world's first arabic speaking humanoid,
part of the IbnSina interactive theatre installation,
is organizing its second international summer school, which will
take place in 2009 between July 5 and July 31 (four weeks).
The summer-school will be mini-project based, with multiple teams
of 2-3 students, and selected lectures will also take place.

There will be free accommodation as well as a stipend for a limited
number of applicants with excellent qualifications. Applicants
can be at postdoctoral, graduate, and also undergraduate level.
Excursions to local attractions (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujeirah etc)
will take place in the weekends, as well as tours of the region's
numerous spectacular sights.

To apply, please send CV as well as names and information of three
referees to irmluaeu at gmail.com

Desired qualifications
- Relevant Background in CS, EE, or Interactive Media
- Coding experience/expertise (C++ / Matlab / Java)
- Engineering / real world troubleshooting skills
- Interest and experience in one or more of the following technical areas:
        human-robot interaction, AI, computer vision, NLP, social networks
- Interest in cognitive science and philosophy advantageous
- Team working skills
- Most importantly, desire, imagination, systematicity and persistance
        in order to create the interactive robots and media of the future

The IRML Lab
Core research areas include (but are not limited to):
interactive and social robotics and media, humanoid robotics,
robotics and media for the arts and digital cultural heritage

The lab is equipped with multiple robots (mobile tour guide robots,
manipulator arms, mini vehicles), state-of-the-art full-body motion capture,
cybergloves and wireless 6DOF sensors, as well as advanced vision systems.

Furthermore, IRML has continuous access to color 3D printing and 3D
scanning, as well as to a machine shop, and microcontroller / electronics labs,
for prototyping novel interactive devices. In terms of computational
resources, a high-performance grid computer is available for use,
as well as multiple workstations.

There is also close contact with numerous world-class institutions
and companies in the field, across three continents.

The University
UAEU is the oldest university in the country, and has recently been ranked
as the second best research university in the Arab world. It is
a fully-fledged university consisting of ten colleges and having more
than 15000 students. The college of IT of UAEU has recently moved to an
ultra-modern futuristically-equipped building, and is currently undergoing
rapid expansion, with Eyad Abed of UMaryland (MIT/Berkeley graduate)
assuming our deanship in the next months.

The place
Al Ain is strategically located in one-hour driving distance from
both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is a beautiful oasis city of half a million,
and a favourite cultural retreat for residents of the UAE. It has an
international airport, four ultra-modern shopping malls with ice-skating
facilities, various recreational facilities, a picturesque traditional
city centre, and a spectacular mountain, among many other attractions.

Dubai, being easily accessible by car from Al Ain (one hour), is a vibrant
liberal multicultural city, the main commercial hub of the middle east,
and one of the most enjoyable places to visit, where imagination is realized
everyday through projects that exist nowhere else in the world:
the tallest building in the world (under construction),
the most luxurious hotel in the world (Burj Al Arab),
man-made island communities in the shapes of palms visible from
space, rich shopping malls with artificial skiing centers.
The world's finest cultural and artistic events also abound.
In short, there are excellent opportunities for an exciting cosmopolitan
lifestyle, in an exotic multicultural environment, where nothing is impossible.

Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Asst. Professor of IT, UAEU
nmav at alum.mit.edu

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