[robotics-worldwide] post-doc at U.Michigan on Learning, Vision and Robotics

Benjamin Kuipers kuipers at umich.edu
Sun Nov 1 15:22:56 PST 2009

	Post-Doctoral Researcher on Learning, Vision and Robotics

			Benjamin Kuipers
			Silvio Savarese

	How can a robot learn to perceive an unknown sensorimotor world,
	and learn to act effectively in it? 

	How can it start with pixel-level perception and motor babbling,
	and create its own higher-level concepts of objects and actions
	applied to them, and places and motions connecting them? 

	What primitive capabilities should the individual learner possess,
	and how could these be learned over evolutionary time?

	What are suitable hierarchical representations for the 3D structure
	of object instances or classes that can be exploited for recognition
	and action affordances?

	How can different kinds of spatial constraints be used for joint
	recognition of scenes and the objects within them?

We invite applications for a post-doctoral position at the University 
of Michigan to address these and related problems, working with two 
faculty researchers (Benjamin Kuipers and Silvio Savarese), four 
graduate research assistants, and others in our laboratories.  This 
project currently has three years of NSF funding.

The focus of this project is to develop and evaluate a hierarchy of 
representations for the perception of objects by an embodied agent, 
intended to support robust learning and effective use of object 
descriptions in service of actions and plans.  You can read more 
about our project at
or at our individual web pages.

We are looking for an individual with a strong background in machine 
learning and computer vision and/or robotics, and with a significant 
research track record. 

To apply, please send us the URL of a web page describing yourself 
and your interests and accomplishments.  This should include:  a CV, 
a statement of your research accomplishments and goals, and a listing 
of published papers including links to download the papers as PDF 
files.  (If it is impossible to create such a web page, then just 
send email with the documents as attachments.)  Send your application 
by email to Professor Benjamin Kuipers (kuipers at umich.edu).  (At the 
next step in this process, we will want to receive letters from three 
references.)  The position will remain open until a suitable 
candidate has been identified.

The University of Michigan is a Non-Discriminatory/Affirmative Action Employer.

Thank you.

	Professor Benjamin Kuipers
	Computer Science and Engineering
	University of Michigan
		kuipers at umich.edu

	Professor Silvio Savarese
	Electrical and Computer Engineering
	University of Michigan
		silvio at eecs.umich.edu

Benjamin Kuipers, Professor         email:  kuipers at umich.edu
Computer Science and Engineering    tel:    1-734-647-6887
University of Michigan              fax:    1-734-763-1260
2260 Hayward Street                 http://eecs.umich.edu/~kuipers
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 USA

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