[robotics-worldwide] M-ELROB 2010 - 5th European Land-Robot Trial - 17.-20. May 2010 - Hammelburg, Germany

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Mon Nov 2 02:09:08 PST 2009

M-ELROB 2010
5th European Land Robot Trial
17.-20. May 2010
Hammelburg, Germany

Dear participants, spectators, and roboticists,

We would like to invite you to participate in the European Land
Robot Trial 2010 (M-ELROB 2010).

Featured scenarios this time:
   1. Reconnaissance and surveillance - Approach (day/night)
   2. Reconnaissance and surveillance - RSTA (day/night)
   3. Transport - Movements
   4. Transport - Mule
   5. CBRNE and IED reconnaissance

ELROB is a trial!

It allows to demonstrate and compare the capabilities of unmanned systems
in realistic scenarios and terrains. Therefore it is as close as possible
to the typical deployment scenario for today.
ELROB is designed to assess current technology to solve problems at hand,
using whatever strategy to achieve it.
We believe that we are all committed to demonstrating at ELROB is
presenting cutting edge robotics technology, applied to real world
applications, that can save lives now and shape the direction of research
for the short and medium term.
ELROB will enable Europe to re-engage in the benefits robotics can deliver
now and the future.

The philosophy of the trial:
   * ELROB is conducted with a focus on short-term realisable robot systems
   * ELROB is explicitly designed to assess current technology to solve
real world problems at hand
   * ELROB in addition is an opportunity to bring together users,
researchers and industry to build a community

For more information please visit our web-page "http://www.m-elrob.eu/".

Frank E. Schneider

PS: We would highly appreciate if you could publish this note on your
web site and provide the link to "http://www.elrob.org".
Thank you very much for your support!

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