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Kenji Suzuki kenji at ieee.org
Mon Nov 2 08:41:33 PST 2009

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ARSO2009 Call for Participation
The 2009 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts

ARSO2009 will be held on Nov 23-25, 2009 at AIST Tokyo Waterfront,
Tokyo, Japan. The workshop series started in Nagoya in year 2005, and
traveled through Beijing (2006), Hsinchu (2007), and Taipei (2008), and
will bring the spirits to Tokyo. The 5th workshop is overlapping with
The 2009 International Robot Exhibition scheduled from November 25
to November 28, 2009 at Tokyo Big Site nearby AIST Tokyo Waterfront.

ARSO2009 aims at discussing advanced robotics R&D and its
implications to economic and social systems. Participants will be world
class robotic researchers, investors, economists, and representatives
of industry and government. The workshop consists of single session
with discussions on cutting edge technologies, business opportunities
and the social impact to societies.

* Plenary Talks
Dr. Steve Cousins, CEO, Willow Garage, Inc., USA
Mr. Dai Akimoto, Segway Japan, Ltd., Japan
* Invited Talks
Dr. Takanori Shibata, Government of Japan, Japan
Dr. Boo-Ho Yang, Soft Servo Systems, Inc., USA
Dr. Kyung Chul Shin, Yujin Robot Co., Ltd., Korea
Mr. Bruno Bonnell, Robopolis, France

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Service Robot
- Security Robot
- Surgical Robot
- Entertainment and Amusement Robot
- Education Robot
- Assistive and Rehabilitation Robot
- Foresight and Prospect
- New Business Models
- New Initiatives and Strategies for New Industries
- Socio-economic Impacts
- Culture Creation
- Education and Skill Transfer
- Traceability and Safety

ARSO2009 is sponsored by IEEE, in cooperation with:
- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
- New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
- National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
- The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
- The Robotics Society of Japan
- The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

For a detailed program and schedule, please refer to the workshop website:

ARSO2009 Program Chair
Hajime Asama

On behalf of the ARSO2009 Program Chair
Kenji Suzuki
ARSO2009 E-Media Chair
Kenji Suzuki       kenji at ieee.org
LPPA, College de France, France
University of Tsukuba, Japan

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