[robotics-worldwide] Real-time humanoid AI doctoral position at Bath & Lionhead (fully funded for UK residents)

Joanna J Bryson jjb at alum.mit.edu
Wed Nov 4 01:32:22 PST 2009

Dear Roboticists:

This is a VR position, but someone with previous experience in autonomous
robotics could be ideal.  Come work on a system without torque :-)

Joanna Doctoral Student in Real-Time Humanoid AI, Lionhead Studios and The
University of Bath We are looking for an AI researcher and programmer of
exceptional promise to complete a four-year doctoral degree.  The
dissertation would be supervised by Dr. Joanna
Bryson<http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/%7Ejjb/>of the University
of Bath <http://www.bath.ac.uk/comp-sci/>, but three of the four years would
be conducted largely on site at Lionhead Studios
<http://www.lionhead.com/>in Guildford.

The target of the research is to use upcoming game technology to create a
humanoid character that will enhance the human computer interaction
experience. The research should make use of multiple concurrent sensory
inputs including 3-dimensional optical and audio, as well as user pose.
These inputs may be used as part of communication exchanges, emotional
empathy, and possibly physical interactions of some kind such that under a
restricted set of circumstances it would appear that the Turing test had
been passed between the character on the computer and the human subject.
Systems AI engineering will be emphasised,  as we aim to develop not only
impressive demonstrations, but reusable components for human-like AI

The doctoral position is funded through the Centre For Digital
an EPSRC-funded joint initiative of Bath & Bournemouth, with additional
support from Lionhead.  The degree includes a taught component, with courses
negotiated between the candidate, the university & Lionhead.

Candidates are asked to make an application through the the Centre's
ordinary procedure (
http://www.digital-entertainment.org/info-applicants.html), however please
emphasise experience in artificial intelligence (e.g. real-time perception &
action selection, machine learning, affective / interactive humanoid
intelligence) rather than focussing exclusively on animation.  Also, be
certain to mention the specific project.  The CDE positions are fully funded
for UK & EU citizens who have been resident in the UK for at least three
years, and partially funded for EU citizens who are not resident.  Other
international applicants are welcome, but must provide their own funding.

Queries not answered by the Centre For Digital
website may be directed to Dr.

 [ For a version of this advertisement with hyperlinks, see
http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/~jjb/here/LionheadCDE1Nov09.html ]

Joanna Bryson

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