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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics

Volume 23, Number 14, 2009
Robot and Human Interactive Communication

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Table of Contents

pp. 1829-1830(2)
Authors: Kuehnlenz, Kolja; Buss, Martin

Gaze Guidance Using a Facial Expression Robot
pp. 1831-1848(18)
Authors: Hashimoto, Minoru; Kondo, Hiromi; Tamatsu, Yukimasa

Implementation of an Auditory Feedback Control System on an
Anthropomorphic Flutist Robot Inspired on the Performance of a
Professional Flutist
pp. 1849-1871(23)
Authors: Solis, Jorge; Taniguchi, Koichi; Ninomiya, Takeshi; Petersen,
Klaus; Yamamoto, Tetsuro; Takanishi, Atsuo

Human Action Recognition Using Global Point Feature Histograms and
Action Shapes
pp. 1873-1908(36)
Authors: Rusu, Radu Bogdan; Bandouch, Jan; Meier, Franziska; Essa,
Irfan; Beetz, Michael

Influence of Social Presence on Acceptance of an Assistive Social
and Screen Agent by Elderly Users
pp. 1909-1923(15)
Authors: Heerink, Marcel; Kroese, Ben; Evers, Vanessa; Wielinga, Bob

Semi-Autonomous Robot Avatar as a Medium for Family Communication and
pp. 1925-1949(25)
Authors: Lee, Jun Ki; Stiehl, Walter Dan; Toscano, Robert Lopez;
Breazeal, Cynthia

Effects of Embodiment and Gestures on Social Interaction in Drumming
Games with a Humanoid Robot
pp. 1951-1996(46)
Authors: Kose-Bagci, Hatice; Ferrari, Ester; Dautenhahn, Kerstin;
Syrdal, Dag Sverre; Nehaniv, Chrystopher L.

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